Did everyone survive the holiday?


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Did everyone get through the day without a meltdown? :wink:
We had a good day, all in all. I was up half the night having pain so I was dragging some today. Duckie loved her basket and has enjoyed knowing she could eat the contents without having to maintain a rotation diet. The Easter bunny also brought her some new markers, papers, egg-shaped playing cards, an American Girl book plus a webkinz carrier. She was thrilled. Church went well; the place was packed and the majority of children sat together as they were singing for the congregation. All were pretty well behaved. Then there was the church brunch followed by games for the children. The vestry does a wonderful job and all the children receive prizes and a gift basket. Duckie really enjoyed herself. That just left dinner with my in-laws which was wonderful as always. :princess:
Duckie will have another big day tomorrow as we head out to the Strong Museum in Rochester. We will bring a friend along as an added bonus. It should be a lot of fun. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>TM,your day sounds wonderful for Duckie and you. It's nice to know that there are childhood memories being formed.
We had a fairly lovely day. Brunch with my sister was yummy and peaceful. Dinner this evening with long time friends and difficult child. Their daughter is the same age as easy child. All the college talk is pretty exciting.
We had Bunny cake. It's been a while since I had bunny cake. Very yummy.
The kids all got bath products and a small box of Godiva Chocolates. husband got 2 books on the Pitts. Pirates. LOL.
It was as uneventful as it goes. </span>


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TM ~ sounds like a great day.

Fran ~ uneventful is good when you have a difficult child

Ours was okay. husband and I went to church with another couple who are good friends of ours. easy child and difficult child met us at a restaurant for brunch afterward as did the other couple's easy child.

difficult child was not at her best and tried to get my goat a couple of times but I just ignored those comments.

One funny note ~ I asked easy child to bring difficult child's Easter basket to the restaurant. I thought she would bring it inside but she left it in her car. I figured it would be all right since we had record lows last night ~ the temperature was in the 20's.

Well, I guess the day heated up quickly or easy child left the basket in full sun. easy child and difficult child left the restaurant first and easy child was going to drop off difficult child at her apartment. difficult child called me to tell me that the chocolate had all melted and her chocolate bunny was now flat.

Oops! :rofl:



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We survived...lol.

Keyana had her first easter and was absolutely adorable. She woke up and came in my room to get her basket. Ok...so Grandpa brought her in to open the basket....lol. We all ooohhhed and ahhhed as she tried to tear into all the goodies. We got some good pics of her sitting on the bed surrounded by stuffed bunnies and candy and her basket all big smiles.

Then we took her into the family room and let her get messy with a chocolate bunny. She loved her first taste of chocolate. She ate about half a bunny and a row of Peeps. I think I have created an addict!

Then we got her all cleaned up and took her out for easter dinner a bit later. She did fairly well considering all the candy...lol. I am getting quite good at eating one handed again.

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Janet, don't you love that one handed eating?? lol I'm getting used to having a lil begger around again. Can't eat anything near Aubrey without her wanting to taste it. Then you probably won't get to eat the rest of it. lol

Our easter went ok except for N's b/f difficult child dramatics. *sigh* I vented on PE about it. All is quiet now.

Aubrey had a huge easter, so did Darrin. This Nana didn't do much of anything. Just let the kids color eggs sat night. (and buy most of the stuff for their baskets)

Darrin got to spend the night with Nana and is now sleeping soundly after his big day in his racecar bed in my bedroom. Nana is now off to bed herself. lol

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husband stayed in town & celebrated with wm. kt & I were down at my dad's house. husband took up a big basket for wm to share with his foster brothers & an Easter lily for foster mum. wm, of course, had his own basket.

kt had her basket - given her propensity toward bulemia, it was filled with earrings, lip gloss, a stuffed bunny, post it notes with a bit a candy. She was delighted.

kt & I colored eggs Saturday morning before all the company came. We celebrated our "big" family gathering Saturday afternoon & evening.

I was on the road by 9:30 yesterday morning with kt & got home around 4 or so. kt slept most of the way.

husband had prepared an Easter dinner of sorts for us - very nice.

I guess our Easter holiday was busy & pleasant.

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Ours was pleasant. We made it through church with only minimal disruptions from difficult child. The rest of the day the kids played with things from their baske-we do very little on the candy front. easy child even stayed down with the family instead of holed up in her room. husband and I got in a two hour nap!


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We actually fared pretty well, yesterday. No meltdowns, no fights over the easter eggs, no overtly bad behavior. Even with added sugar, both kids did well.

They both got baskets with a few pieces of candy and homemade chocolate bunny ( I mold candy for a hobby). When we got home from church, they had an egg hunt...half of them had coins and the other half had chocolate eggs or mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

With upping Missy's Trileptal, it's made her a bit drowsy, so she did take a good nap yesterday afternoon. That probably helped a lot.

husband finished painting our bedroom, yesterday afternoon. It's only been three weekends! It's a newer house and was never painted, so it needed the nail pops fixed and primer and a few cracks needed fixing from settlement. Meantime, my mattress has been on the floor since this all started. Tonight, we are putting together our new King Size bed! Yahoo!


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We had a lovely evening at my daughter's house. Grandchildren were a little rambuncious but good. Father-in-law made it through dinner but had to be taken back to home before dessert. All adults enjoyed each other's company. easy child/difficult child arrived late and left early but my girls are beginning to understand that it isn't personal and no longer take issue. difficult child was asked about when I arrive and then not mentioned or thought about for the remainder of the evening. We are all coping with his absence at family gatherings better now that it has been over a year. I get depressed before hand but manage to get through it before the gathering and I do not think about him during the gathering so I enjoy myself. -RM


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LOL Lothlorien, my husband looked at the clock with two hours left before company arrived and finished the end of our banister which we'd forgot and went over the nails in the beadboard.

I'm with Missy, a nap would have been good.

difficult child was truly amazing--after years of holiday meltdowns I'm delighted to say he was as calm as could be yesterday from start to finish. He asked to play videogames while we were doing the final set up so I let him go on extra knowing it would keep him occupied. When the crowd came around the table he found me and told me he would wait in his room until the line was gone. I had one of those silent "Yahoo difficult child!!!" moments seeing him identify a potential problem and chose an appropriate means to handle it himself. I would have been happier had he been kinder to the little boy that was here and if he would have eaten less candy but I'll take the improvements :). His room has been full of the fallout from the upstairs all last week and he went to sleep last night just as if it were any other night.

I'm one amazed mother. Maybe having the holiday here was easier on him even though it was far, far more chaotic since he knew exactly what to expect.


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No meltdowns at our house. We have a very, very relaxing Sunday dinner in the dining room and difficult child did great! Then, as we were sitting there talking after dinner, one of easy child's friends (whose grandmother lives in the next block) came over and we talked for a while then all moved to the familyroom. Believe it or not, we all fit on the sofa snuggling under blankets and watched a scary move.

difficult child loved his heeleys!



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I did! difficult child did! boyfriend did!

Had boyfriend stay over night for only the 2nd time in over 4 years on Saturday. I just felt it was time to start pushing the issue. difficult child and I had an all out brawl (well - several arguments) that lead to HER APOLOGIZING to me!

We ended up having a great Easter morning breakfast made by boyfriend and difficult child even sat at the table to eat! She usually takes it elsewhere and has claims the table makes her uncomfortable.