Did I miss the Grey's thread?


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It was a new episode last night, ladies (and gentlemen).

If you missed it, tune in tonight so we can talk about it tomorrow.

It's twice as much fun to watch it with all of you!




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I watched. Thought it was very good and I'll be watching again tonight to catch anything I missed the first time around. I was blown away by Izzy's daughter. I missed the fact that she had a baby years ago. I'm guessing she's going to find out she's pregnant with George's baby to complicate things.



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My easy child told me they mentioned it at one time, that she had a baby she placed for adoption. I didn't remember that.

One thing I don't understand is why they didn't do DNA testing to see if that pregnant lady was those people's daughter.



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Nancy, that's what I was wondering too! Seems like that would have been the logical thing to do, especially since they're already in a hospital! Then both the girl and the parents would all know for sure.


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Yes, Izzy has mentioned she had a daughter. It was some time ago and I only heard the reference one time. I never thought about Izzy possibly being pregnant with George's baby. Now THAT would be a twist! LOVE this show...

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I was wondering if Callie AND Izzy would end up preggo with George's babies. Now that would be a twist!

I did recall that Izzy had a baby. And I though Baliey was exceptionally kind to Izzy. And Derek seems like he's slipping back into his old self centered ways.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> i thought it was a great episode.

i did remember that izzie had a daughter. i think that was in season one. i think a callie/izzie pregnancy would be hideous!

i've been reading some rumors about the actress that plays callie ~~~ PM me if you want to know. have a couple of other spoilers as well.

i don't like george & izzie together. the scrubs pants scene kinda made me want to hurl. callie's heart will be broken & that will be upsetting for me.

~~~ the chief was great dancing with-addison. how/will they keep him around if he actually steps down as chief??

~~~ will derek actually dump mer in hopes of becoming chief? he was certainly deep in thought at the end of the show.

~~~ loved meredith's *fake mommy*. love the character of susan. love how she's giving meredith a whole new view of mommy love!

~~~ how cruel was the ava stuff? yes, they should have done a dna test right away. :grrr: :grrr:

there were mommies, mommies everywhere this episode. i wish we'd get more bailey.

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What about Christina? Teasing Alex during lunch because he had become emotionally involved with Ava. Playing rook to pawn to queen or whatever with the old professor ~ you just know those two (Burke and Christina) are never going to be well married.

Or are they?

I loved Burke's response to Christina about the other doctor ~ that he was an excellent surgeon.

Burke will know that Christina already knows the answer to the suture question, too.

I loved it when George said Izzie's daughter was a real heartbreaker ~ but was looking at Izzie the whole time.

And I love the mommy theme that runs through almost every episode.

Dead mommy, fake mommy, real mommy.

So many kinds of mommies to be.

But I loved it that Susan stayed committed, for Meredith's sake, to establishing a relationship.

And what ABOUT Derek?

What is that, after he was shaken to the core by Meredith's near drowning?

And I loved the Chief, too.

Now, if McSteamy was going to try to become Chief through getting the Chief a woman...is Madison trying to become Chief through BEING a woman?

So, the theme this time was raw ambition ~ except for the mothers.

Even Izzy.




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Okay, we all know that Bailey is going to wind up Chief, don't we?

The other option is: now that the "Chief's" wife is gone, he won't retire....

Ah, what have they done to Derek? He is professing one moment he will never leave Meredith and then he's thinking he will ditch her to become chief? Don't the writers have a memory or at least a DVR? Come on lets be consistant. Have him say, forget being chief, I want my "woman". That would guarantee his being voted sexiest man alive for the next ten years!!!!!!

Izzy and George.....never got this plot twist....I do remember she talked about her child in an earlier episode. Thought Callie looked different in this show, less makeup, maybe they were trying to show her as tired, worried, etc. leading up to a pregnancy???? The twist being it is McSteamy's baby? Okay, just getting too twisted here, I'm giving up on predictions.....


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> bailey can't be chief. she is still a resident albiet the chief surgical resident. the chief of surgery can only be selected from the attendings ~~~ one with-experience & a good professional reputation....addison, burke, derek, & mc steamy. you just don't jump from residency to the top attending spot with-o doing your time. the chief did tell her a few weeks ago that if she was 10yrs further along she'd be his first choice & that it would happen down the road. now is just not a possibility tho.

the writers haven't forgotten a thing. that is what makes derek's struggle so poingnant. we all know how much he loves meredith, what he's sacrificed for her, but he's looking at giving up his lifelong dream to be chief of surgery *someplace*.

nothing is ever easy for the characters on this show. there is alway conflict....both external & internal.

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LOVED this episode! So much emotion, game playing, struggle, heart break, laughs, just...everything! Boy would that be a twist if Iz and Callie BOTH ended up preggers by George! Or Iz by George and Callie by Dr McSteamy?!?!?!

And why the heck didn't they just do a darned DNA test for the pregnant girl Ava/Shannon so they would know. Seemed like they just let that part of the story drift away! I think Alex and Ava will end up together, just a feeling I have. He seems SO involved in her case.

I really don't think Chief will retire. He is so good at what he does and is too young to retire. What else could they do with him? I loved watching him dancing with Addison.

Hoping Meredith's "step mom" Susan stays in the story line. I really like her and what she is bringing out in Meredith.

Well, till next week!