difficult child 2 and the book he's reading for school!

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    We were discussing summer reading assignments at dinner the other day. Since none of the kids have placements for the Sept. 09-10 school year yet, I've been digging around Gen Ed school websites to get a rough idea as to the expectations for all 3 of them.

    difficult child 2 said that he's reading a book of mine, but it's super boring because it's taking forever for the action to start.

    I said:

    "What book are you reading?"

    he said:

    "The Explosive Child, but I keep waiting for him to eat some dynamite and explode, but so far it's only boring grown-up stuff".


    I love this kid! He's the same one with using the bathroom naked in school. He's just a total trip!

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    If he's looking for books....I don't know if they still produce them but I always loved the Encyclopedia Brown books. They were fun but snuck in education at the same time.

    Is he reading at age level? What's his maturity level as far as books? There are a few YA series out there that are good but may be a bit old for him just yet.

    If he's into creepy stuff....the site I review for has done some reviews on kids/young adult books. I've done a few myself in fact. The website is www.bittenbybooks.com When you go there...up towards the top are a few boxes you can use to search. The first one is by category. Look under Kids and Young Adult and you can find the reviews we've done. The review could also help you get an idea of the scare level involved so you can decide if it's appropriate or not for him.
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    OMgosh, that's hysterical!
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    *snicker* LOVE IT!
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    That is TOO funny!
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    How funny!! I love it - it truly is an example of the neat ways our kids' brains think.

    He is awesome!!

    (I spent a lot of years watching Wiz draw pics of people swallowing dynamite or bombs and then splattering all over the rest of the picture. Now I know where he got the idea!)

    Are you SURE you want him reading the "how to" book we rely on? He may learn how to use it against you. (I know whereof I speak - My dad got a masters in education when I was in jr high. He made me read the books right along with him and join his study groups when they talked about the books. Boy did MY teachers hate my dad! I then used books like "Why Johnny Can't Read" against them. I am lucky they didn't form a posse and lynch me.)
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    :rofl: Sounds like something my husband would do!
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    That made me smile! :bigsmile:
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    That was the funniest thing I've heard all day.

    How old is he? I have 4 sons and can make some suggestions.
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    LOL! That made my day.
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    Oh, good heavens!!!! :bigsmile: ASPIES!!!!!!! I'm cracking up. That is sooooooooooooooooooooooo typical and hilarious!
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    Well there's one I bet Ross Greene never thought of.....I think you should send that to him!!

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    That almost made my coffee explode...

    I love it! That sounds like an N'ism.