He's got a job. Sort of ...


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Nerfherder, I'll keep my eyes open for that baby model scam!
I considered having difficult child model when he was a toddler, but it would have involved many drives to a city an hr and 15 min. away, and his moods were too unpredictable. But he was flat-out gorgeous.
Whenever you see a real baby model, know that they are not only cute, but docile and easily entertained. :)
One of our babysitters was a model. In fact, I bought an inflatable baby pool with her photo on it. One day when she came to the house, I stared at her and told her that aside from being our neighbor and sitter, she looked familiar.
easy child said, "Of course she does. She's a model. Her picture is on the box for our pool!"
She got out of it because it was too much travel and too time consuming. She got a degree in math and she now teaches elementary school. :)