difficult child 2's classroom



Because of various reasons I haven't been able to take treats to the boy's school on their birthdays very much. husband bought tons of treats and I was looking forward to taking them to difficult child 2's class. That went very well. difficult child 2 was happy to see us. One child couldn't have food coloring, so we had an alternate. The kids had fun.


I am reminded of why I started homeschooling in the first place. And as soon as I can I am going to homeschool again. Its an only autism class with grades 1-3 in it. I can tell they work on social skills. I didn't see any books in the class room. No academic work on the walls. A very big screen for movies. difficult child 2 never has any homework. They do use the green, yellow, red behavior stuff. I'm worried that its just a holding place.


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Glad it went well. Perhaps the learning materials are put away to avoid inappropriate touching? Hugs. DDD


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As a former Special Education teacher yourself, follow your gut! Sounds a little suspicious to me as well.

One of my good friends has a daughter with downs.

A month ago she pulled her daughter out of public and put her in a private school, even though it would seriously tax the family, because the classes her daughter was put in at the school were "a holding place".

Even though she knew she could fight, she had already fought a really hard fight to get her daughter to another school zone for middle and high because her zone schools were not accommodating. They are older parents and just not ready to fight again. Sad.....

Her concern, their daughter needs to be learning academics as well as social skills because they will not always be there....

Liahona, I say follow what your gut is telling you and perhaps observe through the door for a day or two.



I noticed last night that he is losing skills that he had. (How to write his numbers.) I'm not in a position to homeschool right now but I will when difficult child 1's issues calm down or I develop more strength and can homeschool while difficult child 1 is in crisis. As long as difficult child 2 is safe (i.e. his self-esteem) I'll let him stay there while I get things together. I am also going to do mini-lessons at home after school. He is not going to go backwards.

difficult child 3 is increasing in skills. So that is good.


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If e can tolerate te after school mini lessons go for it. I always had my boys tutored during school year to reinforce lessons and during summer vacation also so they would not loose skills. I have found it doesn't matter what you have in a child's IEP if the teacher isn't dedicated. -RM