difficult child 3 - growing up


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But he's still socially inappropriate and completely unselfconscious!

Apparently, husband & difficult child 3 had a 'birds and bees' talk a couple of days ago. When his school was giving the rest of his class a sex education talk and he was too ill to go, I'd dealt with sex education a few years ago by getting "Where Did I Come From?" out of the library and giving it to him to read. His reaction was hilarious - "Why didn't anyone tell me any of this before?" in an outraged voice. And of course, he's forgotten it all again.

Now this morning - he half bounded, half sidled into our room with his usual morning, unmedicated bounce and announced, "I had a wet dream!"
My reaction was - "You what?"
He repeated himself, now beginning to look a little bit shy. He went on, "Dad explained it to me yesterday. But I didn't think it would happen so soon."
"Neither did I," said husband. "Did you do what I told you?"
difficult child 3 went into some detail about how he'd tidied up and put clothes in the wash. He then said, "Why is it that as soon as you tell me about things, they happen? Maybe you'd better stop telling me stuff, dad."
He was joking with this last bit, but husband did make a point of saying, "You did the right thing, son, and I'm glad we did tell you, but this is not the sort of thing you announce to people. It's very private, so don't go round telling other people, OK? This is just between us three."

And now all of you - but I know you won't let on to difficult child 3 that I told you! I just had to share it!



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I had "the talk" with difficult child (since bonehead certainly wouldn't do it) several months ago. A couple days later, he said "I felt kinda funny in science class today." "Why?" I asked. "We were talking about cells and asexual and sexual reproduction and I kept remembering about our talk the other day, I felt kinda embarrased because I knew what it was!"

Once it's in there, it's in there!!!!!!!