difficult child and anxiety

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. shellyd67

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    I wouldn't say difficult child has anxiety often but I have now realized what I thought was immature and inappropriate behavior was actually bouts of anxiety.

    Whenever easy child would get hurt playing, I would be tending to her crying and wiping her scrape and he would come up in my face and ask for a snack.

    Also, he asks question after question when he is anxious. Today he had a Dr's appointment and we were running late and he just began firing questions my way.

    I actually feel bad for the little dude and try to reassure him and not show my own anxiety over a difficult or scary situation.

    It doesn't happen often and we are able to manage it.

    Just thought I would mention this incase anyone else has these issues with their difficult child and isn't aware that the behaviors may be anxiety.
  2. HaoZi

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    Mine does. She chews on her nails, her fingers, gets angry, fidgets, etc.
  3. Kjs

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    my difficult child's anxiety had gotten so bad it was ruling his life (his words) He would get scared, sweaty, shaking. He couldn't sleep. Thought every ache and pain he was dying. Finally after years of this new psychiatrist put him on klonipin. It is wonderful. difficult child said the anxiety is gone! Now...if there was something to take away depersonalization I would be so happy.
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    Alot of the rages my son used to have were anxiety related. He couldn't handle any surprises...had to know everything that would happen and when and if things didn't go like expected he would rage. It took years to figure out it was mostly anxiety. Buspar has helped greatly with that...and time. And alot of prayers.
  5. gcvmom

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    My husband had similar problems. We would get into huge arguments on the drive down to his sister's house, especially if he knew his mom was in town and would be there. Just the anticipation of being around those people made him horrible to be around. We finally figured it out after our first few years together, but it never actually improved until he started medications. Now I'M the one who needs a glass of wine to deal with his family! :rofl:
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    I have recently discovered this about Knight, too. The question is, how big a part? He's not one to readily admit to his anxiety and as an anxious one myself I have to be careful not to project! So far the only medications tried to help with it (antidepressants) have just sent him into a disinhibited tailspin. So I am trying to do as you do, just manage it.
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    First step is recognizing. You did a great job in figuring out how to recognize your difficult child's behaviors as anxiety. They do present often as inappropriate behaviors and as each kid is different, there may be others that are presenting as your son for parents to take a closer look at.