difficult child and His Anxiety

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Sometimes his anxiety is just going to be the death of me! He has to go to rehearsal for conformation tonight. easy child was supposed to have football practice (which was cancelled because of the weather, thank God!) and my father in law is difficult child's sponsor, so my in-laws decided to make the night a special treat for him. They planned to pick him up and take him out for dinner to his favorite restaurant before the rehearsal. They bought him a St. Michael medal and they are supposed to give it to him at dinner. Then they will take him to the rehearsal and bring him back home. Easy, right?

    He was completely off the wall! Not necessarily "bad" in terms of behavior, but his anxiety was completely ramped up. Banging on the walls. Screaming that he's nervous. Asking me over and over again what they were going to do at the rehearsal. What time were his grandparents pcking him up? Was I REALLY going to make him to to the rehearsal? Could't he just go to dinner and skip the rest? On and on and one, all while I'm trying to get easy child through his homework. I kept going in to talk to him to try to soothe him, which usually, works, but then I think that the was getting annoyed at my divided attention, because every time I walked away from him to check on easy child and his homework he would start up again right where he left off.

    My in-laws picked him up about 10 minutes ago and I warned mother in law about his nerves being turned all the way on. She gave me a hug, told me not to worry about it, that she would keep a close eye on him, and that he would be fine. I know she's right, but some nights getting to "fine" can be a very long journey!

    At least he did all of his homework this afternoon because he asked if I would let him stay up a little late because he was going to be out for a few hours tonight. I told him I would if he behaved, so he immediately went to do his homework.
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    Take a deep breath! The good news is he did his HW without stalling. The better news is your mother in law sounds like a patient, understanding grandma. Congratulations on his upcoming Confirmation - I hope it's a memorable, special day for your family.
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    Whew! I hear you!
    I'm glad he did his HW, anyway ...
    Many hugs.
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    I hear you, too. difficult child 1 has that same level of anxiety for ALL new situations. That's why I usually have to go with him because I'm the only one that can keep him somewhat calm. The unknowns are just unbearable for our kiddos. I used to have anxiety like that (and worse) so I really CAN relate. Hopefully things went well and he will know what to expect next time and/or the real thing.