difficult child can't catch a break!

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    Healthwise, that is. First, difficult child came home a couple of days ago from work with a black eye. She had been reaching up for a bottle of color at the salon and she knocked over another bottle that came crashing down and hit her in the eye. By the next day, it was a true shiner. Everyone keeps asking who hit her.

    Then, today, difficult child came home from work and said, "Look at my other eye. It is really red." It looked really bad and I thought it could be viral pink eye since she didn't have any discharge. I offered to take her to the doctor but is was already 3:30 so she said she wanted to wait and see if it was better in the morning.

    She came back into my bedroom later and said that it was hurting and was especially sensitive to light. At that point, I started googling and found that it sounded like something called Iritis which is an inflammation of the middle level of the eye around the iris. It said to seek medical attention immediately. So off we went to an urgent care center (it was now 6:30 so our regular doctor was closed).

    Of course, the urgent care doctor cost twice as much as our regular doctor. $125 later, she comes out to tell me that she has . . . drumroll please . . . Iritis. I should just get my medical degree. She had told the doctor what I thought she had and the doctor told her that I was right but that they wouldn't tell me since he was 55 years old and he still hated it when his mother was right. Jeez . . . a difficult child doctor!!

    So he dilated her eye and put drops in it and covered it with a large bandage which she is supposed to wear until tomorrow. He said she could wear an eyepatch tomorrow if the light still bothers her eye. She said that would be just what she would need at the salon when she goes to color someones hair. She is supposed to put steroid drops in her eye twice a day until the inflammation and redness goes away.

    I am concerned because I have spent time tonight researching Iritis and don't like what I have found. It seems like it can become a chronic problem with frequent flares. It can also be tied to autoimmune diseases and other medical conditions. Of course, she doesn't have insurance so we really can't have any testing done at this point.

    Some people only have it happen once so maybe she will be one of the lucky ones. Here she is really trying and then this has to happen. You can guess who paid the $125.

  2. AmericanGirl

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    Oh geez...she really cannot catch a break. And neither can her mom.

    Let's pray that this is a one time event for her.
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    Kathy: I hope that your daughter will feel better really soon. She is lucky to have you to help her.
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    Geez Kathy, both eyes, poor difficult child! Sending healing and caring wishes for difficult child and hopes for a one time deal........... and hugs to Mom for always being there.............
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    I have had chronic iritis in both eyes over a period of 25 years. You were very smart to take her in to be seen right away. Make sure she keeps it dialted (it helps with he pain and prevents the pupil from getting "stuck" when inflamatioin is present) and be sure that she uses the steriod drops as directed and does not stop them suddenly.

    I was told that, in most cases, the condition is confined to one eye only and that some people can have one flare and be done with it for the rest of their lives. I hope she is a one and done case! Even if it persists, there is a lot that can be done to keep it under control. Steroid drops are wonder drugs when used properly.

    Does she have any type of autoimmune condition, or does this seem to be an isolated incidient? PM me if you want more information and make sure you keep us posted.

  6. DDD

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    Sending supportive thoughts and hugs. Sometimes it just seems like it will never end with our difficult child's. DDD
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    I hope she's feeling better today...and I hope she catches a break and this is a one time thing. Inflammation is a b**ch.
    From what I've heard, vitamin D (400) and ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 650 mg EPA and 500 mg DHA capsules twice daily are helpful for any kind of inflammation. sister in law is a nurse, and her daughter. has an auto immune issue, and sister in law believes it's good for anyone with any kind of inflammation to be sure to take these supplements FWIW. Good luck.
  8. exhausted

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    Kathy, Lets hope it isn't cronic. That poor kid. She has been doing so well otherwise!
    Same with mine on the health issues-always sick-2 cronic diseases that will require medications the rest of her life. Tha emotional brain is so attached to the rest of the body. And both our difficult children have to work hard at being regulated. I am praying it all goes well and she catches a break on this one!! ((Hugs)) to you both.
  9. Kathy813

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    CJ, where do you get the pharmaceutical grade fish oil? I found some sites online but I don't know if I can trust their claims. I'd like to start both difficult child and me on it. I am having a bad flare-up of my rosacea right now which is also an inflammation.

    Her eye did look better this morning. It was not nearly as red and she has not called to complain about it which is a good sign. difficult child does not suffer silently. LOL

    Dash, I sent you a PM with some questions.

  10. Calamity Jane

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    We get ours from Purity Products - we order online and get a monthly shipment. You're supposed to start out taking 2 with each meal, then taper off to 2 per day. The Omega 3 fish oil we get from them is pharmaceutical grade.
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    I'm glad she's feeling better. husband has been taking fish oil pills for years per his doctors recommendation for blood pressure. I tried taking it but it didn't agree with my digestive system although I've heard so many good things about it I may try it again.