difficult child comes home for the first time this weekend....


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and I am not worried a bit---maybe I'm being overly optimistic. I do hope I don't end up disappointed. We are having great-niece's first birthday party.

difficult child called the other night to say he had bought a shirt to wear---it has Bert and Ernie with ballons, a cake, and "Let's Party" on it. I had to smile at the thought of my 18 year old, six ft. 2 inch son wearing a Bert and Ernie shirt! He has no other plans but to spend some time with us.

It should be interesting, seeing that we haven't spent any quality time with him in years outside of probation appts, dr. appts, and the like and even then he never said more than 2 words. Now, when he is on the phone, you can't get him to stop talking.

He calls every other night at about 11 pm since I sent his cell phone to him (after he had sent me the money for that month's bill) to tell me he loves me and he hopes I sleep well.

I'm excited to see him. I feel no dread, an anxiety, no fear---what a wonderful feeling to look forward to seeing my son---MY SON---three months ago I called him husband's son all the time. What a difference a little time can make, huh?
I'm dancing all over the place with happiness. :princess:


Wow, what a great post! What a wonderful turnaround for your difficult child!

Enjoy your weekend! :smile:


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"What are "we" eating?"

Out as much as possible!!! LOL!
I'm bot sure. I will have to see if he has any requests. I made chili super bowl sunday and froze him some because he asked me to.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>katmom how is the visit going? I'm so excited that you will have a nice weekend with your son. Enjoy it since it was a long time coming. You know there will be some tougher days ahead but enjoy this weekend as a taste of what can be his reality.</span>