difficult child desides to get her toung peirced.

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  1. Charmedpea

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    here is a wonderful difficult child story. NOT..

    I am out of town on a business trip only 2 days. husband is home with her. I am on my way home and she calls me doesnt sound right and tells me her friends brother peirced her toung. :mad:

    2 days later she wakes up and she cant find the bottem ball to the tounge peircing. I said just take it out, she refuses I leave for work. She calls me later and says it wont come out, and her tounge is swollen.. Hello you periced it 2 days ago and you have been pulling on it what do you expect. I have no sympathy. Can so and so take me to the hospital. Sure go to childrens hospital they have our insurance information.

    She gets to the er and I give my approval for treatment. 4 Doctors are in there trying to get this thing out of her toung. They did an x-ray and saw the top ball and bar going threw her toung. They try and pull it out again, one doctor couldnt watch and left the room. Another doctor says you better numb her toung. So they take a long needle and she gets a shot in her toung.. they are still trying to pull it out. Another doctor says just pull it out. He finially yanks it out of her toung. The reason it didnt come out the other ball that should of been underneith her toung was in her toung it was plastic so it never showed up on the x-ray.. So the whole toung ring came out the top of her toung..

    yuck yuck yuck.. she finially screamed not from the pain because she didnt feel anything yet but from all the blood..
    The doctors felt really bad when they saw the tounge ring come out the top and saw the other ball attached.. One stood there and said wholy ****..

    Well that is my difficult child smart move in getting something done I didnt approve and would never approve.. Just thought I would share.. Never a dull moment.

  2. flutterby

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    Sigh. That's the problem with kids doing it themselves. A tongue piercing should start out with a large ring because the tongue is going to swell. Once the swelling goes down, you put in a smaller ring.

    Hopefully, she learned her lesson. Hopefully, she didn't do any permanent damage.
  3. Fran

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    Natural consequences are good teachers. You don't have to be the bad guy this time.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Brilliant! Whats next? A tattoo with a crest spin brush and some bic ink? :surprise: - Gotta love it. Dude (the dumb) got his tongue pierced because some other girl (also the dumb) promised to pay for it and another girl (another the dumb) dared him $50.00 -(well he did need money for probation).

    He wore the silver ball for 2 days, chipped his tooth - I refused to make the dentist appointment. He called our dentist, went in and she (former Navy dentist) told him he was and idiot and (had the dumb). ;)

    I'm not sure if he has had it in the last few days - but...when my Mom told him it sounded like he was talking with a lisp? He took it out to talk to her on the phone. :tongue:
  5. DaisyFace

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    Ugh! What a terrible lesson to learn!

    But sometimes, these kids bring in upon themselves....


  6. AnnieO

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    I know this feeling... Onyxx pierced her lip, herself. Looked just awful. Too low, for one - but that's not the best part. Darn thing got infected after one day. We had a talk about ASKING...
  7. compassion

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    I am holding onto the limit of you have to pay /sign yourself. She has pierced her own lip, nose,ears,etc. It is a self expression deal. I personaly like the dye hair three times a week better. :) Hang in there. Compassion
  8. Charmedpea

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    Since the toung ordeal, she has peirced her eyebrow wants a nose ring, the dumb bar thing that goes across the cartilige (spelling). I can handle the eyebrow thing it doesnt look bad.

    Tat's I wont go for. Hair coloring thing doesnt barther me at all. I do her's so she wont damage it. I get the whole expression thing.

    She said the other day I still want my toung peirced, over my dead body I said no once already she has been told you do it again. i dont care what you do when your 18, then i'm not resposible for you anymore and you can pay your own er bills.
  9. therese005us

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    I don't think this is ever going to be an issue for me (praying) but in Queensland, not sure if the whole of australia, these piercings have to be approved by guardian/parents for children under 18 if they're done by the professional tattooists/piercers. I guess this doesn't account for private people doing it themselves though.
    I ache for you, and i almost threw up when I read your post, it just sounded like such an awful experience for you.
    Hugs and thoughts to you - it's tough being a parent isn't it? And definitely never a dull moment!
  10. Peace2U

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    It's nice when that happens.