difficult child doing quite a bit better today

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by 92025, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I visited him tonight (thurs pm and sun am are visiting); he seemed much better. it seemed like talking to my son again; for weeks it did not seem like I was talking to the same person but I got some of him tonight. He was more talkative, less argumentative, still a bit defensive about the weed but said it was there for comfort but after awhile doesn't work anymore. He didn't want me to leave until the last second and asked for a hug at the end. He wanted me to sneak the dog down lol and slipped me a long letter that said he was willing to do whatever treatment program he had to, he was ready to face his problems, he could not bear being away from me and alone 20 hrs a day with the person he hated most: himself. He really seems to be coming around; he's not entirely there, still insisting weed not a drug and not addictive but he did say that it was a comfort but after awhile doesn't work anymore. Huge relief to see some hope; I was afraid he would become angrier and angrier being in juvie; although there is still the concern that he's saying what he needs to to get out. But it seems legit; he's still arguing about a few things so he's probably meaning what he says.

    Another very sad thing: out of 20 kids in the unit only 4 had visitors and one of them did not stay long. Also saw the 10 year old boy who stabbed and killed his 12 year old friend (big local news)
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    That's so encouraging, 9. You did such a tough thing, but it seems to have turned out to be the right thing. Hope he has a permanent change of heart.