difficult child got a job! We're dancing here--


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My older difficult child (age 27) starts a job on Monday! He's been unemployed since April when he got fired, then was arrested, and was on house arrest for 6 months. This is a salaried position that will be enough for him to support his family on! He'll be on a probationary period for a while, which is normal I think, but he said he's not worried because he knows he can do the job. He's always been a good worker, just has a nasty habit of getting fired from things!

We're all so happy, and I don't want to jinx anything, but I was so worried it would take him forever to find something since he has two felonies from a few years ago. I want to break out the champagne and the packing boxes, but maybe should wait and see how it works out!:beautiful-female:


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:fingerscrossed:That's terrific news! Fingers crossed and hope all the best happens for you and your difficult child!:yess:


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Keep your guard up. Cautious optimism in your direction :) Yes, I'm a cynic. But I hope he can get it together and move him and his out. I want the rest of your life to be happy...I'm actually more invested in you than your grown kid. You have had a long stretch of being needed beyond the normal time period and I hope this will lead to lots of quality "me" time in the future.

Crossing fingers, toes, eyes and sending hugs.


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Origami -- A great post, indeed! As we never know what tomorrow holds (good, bad, or in-between), I celebrate today with you and your difficult child! :D