difficult child got her first work review

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Nancy

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    difficult child started her new job at an emergency animal clinic on Nov 15 and we were anxiously waiting for her 90 day review. The office did their year end reviews today so they did hers early. Her boss, one of the vets, told her she was doing great, all the vets and other workers liked her, and that she wanted her to consider making this a long term job for years. She asked difficult child what her goals were and she said to eventually beecome a vet tech. She told difficult child that her work has been excellent and that she greats people and answers thephone exactly how they want her to and in a couple months assuming she continued on this path she would get a raise.

    Big sigh of relief because she has been fired from every other job she has ever had.

    Now she needs to get to her 90 days so she can hopefully get covered under their health insurance. Just to make sure difficult child doesn't forget the risky past she has led, she has another case of thrush and her throat is hurting terribly. We are fairly certain she contracted herpes during her residential treatment stay. She called and asked how she could go to a doctor and I suggested she go to the CVS minute clinic but they will charge $90. She did qualify for sliding scale medication care at our public hospital but the next available appointment isn't until Jan 31. She is finally realizing what no medical coverage means, as I'm fairly certain she feels miserable.

  2. Kathy813

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    Considering how well she is doing, I would be tempted to pay for the doctor's visit. I would hate for her to become so sick she can't go to work and jeopardize the job.

    Every post seems to be more good news!

  3. buddy

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    good for difficult child. Maybe you could go half and half on a dr appointment so she does not get the idea you will just take care of her.... a reward for a good job review? Unless that would derail her progress of course.
  4. Nancy

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    I told her if she came home Saturday on her day off I would take her to the minute clinic near us and in the meantime if she stopped at the cvs by her they may have an over the counter medication to help. I wish I could take her to her regular doctor but with no health insurance it would be very expensive.

  5. svengandhi

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    Nancy -

    You couldn't add her to your plan? I have my 21 year old on mine - he works delivering for a deli. The months between the time he left college and the law passed letting him get back onto my plan were nerve wracking. I would also think about getting her medications sooner than later.

    It's great to hear about her progress. Will she be able to get tuition assistance for her vet tech degree?
  6. pinevalley

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    Congratulations to your difficult child for her great job review! I'm sure that must be a relief to you that she is succeeding at this job. It's always nice to hear good news about these difficult kids. I hope that she can get the medicine that she needs on Saturday.
  7. lovemysons

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    I continue to be encouraged by your daughters progress. She seems to be looking for a new life.
    It must delight you to know that she is handling clients so professionally. Feeling like some of "us" has rubbed off on them...not just all of their past environmental influences with negative peers.

    It is amazing what people can overcome in their lives when they are truly ready for change.
    I am keeping postive thoughts out for your daughter.

  8. Signorina

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    That's wonderful news about the job review. She just keeps moving forward on the right path...let's hope her steps take her incredibly far away from the "wrong" fork in the road.

    I am glad you are taking her to the minute clinic- I always worry about strep w sore throats. In the meantime, chloraseptic may help.

    Let us know how it goes...
  9. rejectedmom

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    good news! Hope she feels better soon. I too would pay for yerr medical attention when she is sick.
  10. Nancy

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    svengandi, we took her off our medical coverage recently because we have $10,000 deductible per person and it was clear that she was going to need medical attention at some point and we just could not afford both the high premiums and the thousands of dollars every year that we had to put out for her medical care. She could apply for health care through the public hospital if she was indigent and we were not supporting her so that's what we did. The problem is of course that the wait to see a doctor if you are in that program is long, no calling up and making an appointment for the next day. So that leaves the minute clinic. Even the urgent cares cares several hundred dollars just to walk in the door.

    RM I am paying for her medical care. The minute clinic charges $90 and that's why I told her to come home tomorrow and I would take her to the one close to here so I could go with her. She did get an appointment at the hospoital clinic for Jan 31 to explore some other medical conditions that I think are causing these outbreaks. She will only have to pay $10 for that visit.

    I will sigh a big sigh of relief if and when she gets covered under her employers plan. I am even willing to pay the premium. We can't put her back on ours without accepting the high deductible again and that does us no good. We could have gotten her $4,000 for outpatient written off if she had no insurnace but because we had insurance she wasnt eligible, even though insurance didn't pay any of it. Crazy.

  11. Kathy813

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    Wow, Nancy. I guess doctor appointments cost a lot more in Ohio than Georgia. Our doctor charges $60 per visit without insurance. I think the minute clinics charge more. I always tell my difficult child she has to wait until a weekday to see our doctor so we can avoid the minute clinic. I also tell her to tell the doctor that she has no insurance so he will prescribe a $4.00 antibiotic. The one time she didn't she came out with a prescription that was very expensive. I made her go back in and ask them to write one for a cheap antibiotic instead.

    Do you know how much the insurance premium will be at her job? The last time difficult child had a job that offered insurance the premium was going to be $400 a month. There was no way she could have afforded that so she had to turn down the insurance coverage. Of course, the job didn't last long anyway. :grrr:

  12. Nancy

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    OMG Kathy I hope it's not that much, there is no way she could pay that. I think she pays 1/3 of it and the employer pays the rest. You gave me a thought though. I may call her old family doctor and explain she has no insurance and maybe he will charge a lower rate if we pay in cash. The last time she went it was $110 and that was the contracted rate through our insurance so it would have been higher if they were not in our network.

  13. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Update -- Just got back from the doctor. I decided to call her regular doctor and see what he would charge. Since he charged $100 and the clinic was $90 I just took her to her doctor because he has her records (thanks Kathy for suggesting it). He thinks she has a sinus infection but said whatever it is the antibiotic will take care of it. Since the antibiotic was free at our grocery store it was worth the extra $10.

    We got a chance to visit and she ate lunch with us. I got her a few things at the grocery store, mucinex and yogurt and throat lozengers. I told her I was glad she was doing so well and that we enjoyed being with her again and she said she was happy about that too.

  14. Signorina

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    I am virtually giving your hands a squeeze of joy and sending you a smile!