difficult child got her puppy

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    so after alot of hours and difficult child being disappointed again today that her grandparents that said they'd come didn't show up, we headed to an animal place.

    long story short there he was, Timmy is his name. our new addition. i'll post picture tmrw. cutest puppy ever. a hound, 7 weeks old.

    we are currently working on getting our dog and puppy adjusted. trainer at shelter said let them meet eachother for a bit, and than seperate them and do it again the next day.

    so difficult child has puppy in her room after they spent an hour together. our dog was pretty good, did some barking to the puppy is very intrigued by it and curious.

    our dog unfortunately is scratching at difficult child's door. i didnt' wanna put puppy in my rm since my dog is sort of mine that might insult him. so i'm hoping given weekend it'll calm down.

    here's hoping. difficult child is beyond happy though, got down her shakes today also.
  2. HaoZi

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    Let's hear it for puppy power!
  3. Jena

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    sudden name change now it's Toby lol. Toby is actually an African Lion Hound. He's super smart its' a bit scary. i'm sooo used to my big lug who is stressing a bit this evening. yet i'm seperating them. and bringing puppy out for a bit here and there. so far so good. they drank together and ate together. the puppy is the size of my dog's paw almost lol.

    he's laying in bed with-difficult child right now. told husband to get a box on way home because thsi dog will literally eat the room up
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    To get them acquainted, try walking them together on neutral territory, someplace other than your house. Walking together is sort of a bonding experience for dogs and it's best to let them get acquainted in neutral territory so your older dog doesn't see it as bringing a young interloper into his territory.
  5. Jena

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    maybe i'll try outside on lawn, because puppy can't go out yet he's only 7 weeks old. his next round of shots is in two weeks, than he'll be able to go out. my dog's doing pretty good. i showed zero attention to teh puppy and just gave my dog love. he's extremely tolerant. difficult child is sleeping in her bed with-the puppy now. it's really cute and i cant' figure out how to get my camera to work to download pics i took lol
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    He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback? That's the only African lion hunting dog I'm familiar with, and it's what we had when kiddo was born. Great dogs, VERY loyal to their family - no one was getting near that kid while she was around, not even her own brother (though she didn't chase her mother off, lol). They can get big, mine got to be almost 100lbs, love to run in the rain but become a huge lapdog when it thunders. I suggest VERY strongly you get him a big bag of those sow's ears rawhide chew thingys. I had to give ours one every night and every morning or she would eat/chew ANYTHING. I forgot or ran out one day, came home, and she had eaten the wall. Wood paneling, an entire strip of wall floor to ceiling and about 6" wide. Very little splinters left at crime scene, felt sorry for her next time she went to the bathroom.
  7. Jena

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    lol thank you!!! and yes that's what he is. i laughed when got home and looked him up. loyal dogs very smart obedient yet very protective. no one will get near my house with these two dogs now lol. i'Tourette's Syndrome lucky he's a baby so my dog can dominate him and put him in his place.
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    They're great dogs, but can be klutzes, too. Mine was born with a bobbed tail, but her brother... he could still knock kiddo over when she was two by wagging his tail! They also chew a lot as noted. And they eat like nobody's business. We lived in a rural area, no fences, no leash laws, etc. Those dogs dragged up every dead thing they found (I hope they found them that way!) and the yard would be littered with bone splinters. Their jaw strength is incredible, they can run down deer (don't ask), and will chase anything that moves (including cars, people on bikes, door to door salesmen...), and their hunting technique is different from other dogs, as they go for the hamstrings instead of the neck. When you're chasing lions, only those smart enough to cripple it first lived long enough to breed, I guess. They shed like cats, and love attention from family (and table food, my daughter had the dog eating diced carrots off her fork and drinking juice from her sippy cup!).
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  9. Andy

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    Congratulations Jen! I hope Toby gives difficult child as much peace and acceptance as Akita has given my difficult child.

    Toby will ALWAYS be happy to see difficult child and we all need that in our lives - someone or pet to show happiness no matter what. The someone is very rare to find in our own household (we are all human, we get on each other's nerves from time to time) so a pet is usually the next best thing.
  10. Bunny

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    Congratulations on the new puppy!! This might be just the thing your difficult child needs. It will give her something to focus on, other than herself and her problems, and maybe will help to relax her and she'll have fewer problems getting food down. I hope Toby helps her.

  11. Jena

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    so far so good, shakes are going down. she's a bit frustrated with the process with the dogs meeting. i knew that would happen going in. just tired today long day yesterday. she loves him though. we'll c how it goes. my dog is being good yet i only take puppy out in intervals from difficult child's room to be around our dog. our dog ofcourse is sitting guard outside difficult child's room. everything takes time. :)

    hes' good though i fed them together today was cute. i fed my dog first so he knows he's the pack leader and it's his house. i just keep making sure i do for my dog first than the other dog. kids are doing well with that. my step kids wont' though. so i'm hoping between now and monday when they come dog's are further along in the process.