difficult child got a new (to her) car!


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So difficult child's car was declared a total loss after her fender bender. Honestly it wasn't a bad accident but since it was a Prius without much room in the engine compartment something supposedly got shoved into the engine and destroyed it. I knew as soon as I heard the news difficult child would be trying to get us to get her a new car. Can you say NO!!! I was totally against it and even declared no holds barred that once her Prius was paid off any additional insurance money would go towards our bills. She's had 7 wrecks in 3 years I figure maybe she would treat the stuff better if it was in her name.

husband on the other hand had other ideas. He immediately wanted to give her the full amount the insurance gave us to help her buy a new car. I had to explain that if you don't take care of the things you shouldn't be given a bonus for it. We paid thousands on that car and planned to give it to easy child---WE should get any benefits that come from this loss. He then wanted to co-sign. I warned him but I also knew she would need some help since she is 19 and working a temp job right now. I told him if she doesn't pay we do so he needed to keep that in mind.

We wound up having to get the car in husband's name in order to get it at a decent interest rate and payment. difficult child is currently disputing a credit card fraud issue we never would have found out about if we hadn't tried to put her on the loan. I don't know if I buy the story or not but someone apparently got a Macy's card in her name and charged like $25 then never used it again. This was while she was working at Macy's. I know she actually got turned down for the card a few time because the rejections came to our house so I am leaning towards believing her. She also had her debit card stolen by one of her coworkers while working there. They got fired!

difficult child has been warned the car goes bye-bye if a payment is missed. I have informed husband that he will be in charge of getting it back but he wont be in charge of the decision to get it. I will tell him to get it and if he doesn't do it I will report it as stolen. I love difficult child to death but I will not be used. We added the car to our insurance because we don't want it being uninsured and we are going to let difficult child pay us a discounted rate for it. She apparently called today and set up insurance (husband forgot to tell her we did) and it was $185 a month. She can't afford that but she was trying to do the right thing so I am very proud of her for that. I told husband to call her and offer her the option of being on ours because after reading some of the horror stories on here about difficult child's trashing things there is NO WAY I am not making sure the insurance is up to date on a car in our name.

Anyway cross your toes and fingers! She better make payments or there will be misery to pay!

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husband on the other hand had other ideas. He immediately wanted to give her the full amount the insurance gave us to help her buy a new car. I had to explain that if you don't take care of the things you shouldn't be given a bonus for it.
YIKES!!! That is tough one. I'm with you, she should not be "rewarded". It's hard when you and husband can't see eye to eye.
I hope it all works out ok and that she will make the payments.



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Thanks me too! I think with husband it is a gut reaction like it used to be for me. Now I have to catch him before he jumps into it. I guess since he was gone when much of the drama happened with difficult child it is easier to let go. For me its not so much about letting go but letting her learn to grow up.


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I agree with you, dstc.
She's got to earn it. Seven wrecks in three years is a lot!
Also, just so you know, I used to work at Macy's. I put up their Christmas decorations every year (until I pulled a hamstring). They insist that you get a Macy's card because it's tied into your ID and your paycheck. Glad that her coworker got fired, anyway.


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Seven wrecks in three years is a lot!

I will give her credit and say that all but 3 were other people's fault. I swear for about 2 years people just decided our vehicles were bumper cars and we all got hit. Of course two of the ones that were her fault both resulted in total loss of the vehicle. The other didn't even get reported since she bumped a farmers old truck and he just laughed and asked if we could find the scratch since there were so many already there. Thank goodness for hillbillies with farm trucks. My homies!

I think she was actually trying to be smart and open a card with Macy's because since she worked there she could use it monthly to purchase an item then pay it off and build credit. BUT I also know they denied her at least 2 times. Plus the zip code that Macy's had was not one she had ever lived at. They almost wouldn't give her the information at first because she couldn't provide the zip code they had on file. That makes me believe her for now. I'll wait it out and see what the final outcome is though.