difficult child had another Woodcock Johnson test. He's improved!

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    His NILD supervisor administered the test in August, and again last week. His scores in Oral language, Listening comprehension, and writing fluency and applied problems were the lowest, His scores in Oral comprehension, listening comprehension and calculation were the highest. Those parallels remained the same, but the scores are now higher. He is scoring at grade level for nearly everything, except writing fluency and applied problems, where he scores at the 7th and 8th gr level. His scores for Listening comprehension and Oral comprehension are college level. He has definitely learned something through NILD. I can't wait to show husband because he has never been convinced that this is necessary.I'm making copies for the school counselor and the Child Study Team. P.S. sorry about the paragraph ... my keyboard won't allow me to make line breaks today.