difficult child had his first job interview


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He was SO excited! On his own, he decided to wear tan khakis, a belt, a pale blue dress shirt, wash off his grass-stained shoes, and shave.
On the way over there, since I had suggested going early and eating, he said he didn't think it was professional to be eating before or during so he would wait. Good call. (I did give him a clonidine though.)
We got to McDonalds and his girlfriend and I ordered food and we got him a Sprite.

I have never seen so many teen boys in dress shirts in my life, lol! It must have been end-of-summer interviewing day!

While he was being interviewed and his girlfriend and I were eating, two friends showed up and sat down. He finished quickly and I slid over and said, "Have a seat."
He said no thanks, I'm going with my friends.
I said I could drive him somewhere. Nope.

A half hr later, he calls and asks me to drive to Taco Bell to buy three crunchy steak tacos. What?
I said we were just at McDonalds and you chose not to eat there. I'm busy. Figure it out yourself.
He said no one was specific about eating at McDonald's. He thought when I slid over, it was just to offer a seat, but not food.
I told him I wasn't falling for that.
He threatened to use his new debit card to buy food. He's cutting off his nose to spite his face--that money is being saved for a car, gas and insurance.
He argued and argued and I said you had your chance and then I hung up.


I have no idea if the interview went well, except that he said he has to give them his Soc Sec card.


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Don't you know our whole lives are based around difficult child's, even their stomachs? Everything is on their time, no one else's. I thought you knew that by now. We are just vessels that provide what they need and want , when they need and want it. We are not humans at all.

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Good for him with the interview. Crossing my fingers that he gets the job. As for the after interview stuff-yep-he's definitely a difficult child. (((hugs)))


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Ugh!! I had to read that a couple of times to get it.
Fingers crossed for the job!
Sorry about the frustration!
We're always trying to make sense of nonsense :)


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Sorry, Jugey. I forgot to transition to say that after I slid over in the seat at McDonald's, and then offered him a ride and he said no, I then drove home. He called me at home.


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I hope he knows they want his SS# and not the actual card. That might be a good sign that he did good? They shouldn't need the number unless he is hired.

Sounds like similar situations I go through with my difficult child! I have a friend who does not have a vehicle so I like to help out by taking her out on errands. My difficult child gets very jealous of the time I spend helping that family. The "Mom, let me live my own life but make sure you keep your calendar open for my beck and call" does not go over well. I am constantly reminding him that it is my time, my choice. I will put him first if the request comes before I commit but I am not backing out of a promise to someone else.

It is all part of the teaching time management. Too bad they need to learn the hard way in lots of ways. Love the comment that he didn't think your offer included food. LOL!


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If they are hiring him, they need proof of citizenship or right to work in the US and the social security card is one of the forms accepted on an I9 (you need 2 and your employer has to actually put their eyes on your 2 forms of id). They don't fill them out unless someone is hired (it's part of the new hire paperwork) - sounds like he might have gotten the job!



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Thanks for the heads up on the Soc Sec card. We have never needed to actually present it. Guess it is time to make sure we know where difficult child's is (probably in the safe) and give Diva's hers.


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Good one, Andy, that you help out other people and it's YOUR choice and YOUR TIME.

Andy and LittleDudesMom, yes, I think they need the real card. I'll go on a search. :)
And I agree, he probably did get the job. I suspect they hire a slew of people, go through training, and then the employees who actually show up and do the work on a consistent basis rise to the top. I'll bet most don't show up.