difficult child has asked for help...any suggestions


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He admitted to using xanax and cocaine on top of his habitual marijuana use (this has been since the assault on Oct. 21--or so he says. I have called one place, but they will not have a bed until after the first of the year. One will take him only if he has charges filed, other will take only if no pending charges....I have talked to local solicitor's office and we can probably work it both ways. Any suggestions. PM me please. Don't post names of site (trying to follow the rules here Fran.)


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I would try to do it without charges filed. that gets messy and miserable. there are outpatient places you can go with for now until the bed opens. I PM'd you a name/
he can also go to AA and NarcAnon mtgs as early as this week. look for a mtg closeby.


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That is a great sign that he is asking and willing to get help. That is a huge first step. I would try to do it also without charges filed. The only time I would try to do anything with charges is if it were the only way to get difficult child into treatment, but I think you have other options.
Does every state have info line? I think here you dial 611?? not quite sure, and you can ask for the names of all the inpatient facilities in your area, or you can check into outpatient programs also. Look in your phonebook and see if they list a number for info line.


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Good luck. I, too, would suggest avoiding any new charges
on his record for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that the system uses a point system to determine what the
punishment will be when a law is broken. easy child/difficult child has juvie
points that DO count toward adult sentencing even though we
were assured that juvie would remain separate and secret. Not!

I will do some finger crossing and bead ratting that he is,
in fact, ready to face his issues. Hugs. DDD


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Thanks ladies. He has an appointment tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. His impulsive nature is in play. He is packed and ready to go now.


Whenever an addict is ready for treatment getting him in before he changes his mind is key. And I include getting him into a hospital into that.

The federal website lists many of the rehab places in a given state, not all, but a lot. So I'd try that if you're looking for other places to call. I can only give you names of ones in NC and even then, most of the ones I know of are only below 18. Though I can think of one in Greenville that is both child and adult. I'd just keep calling, you'll find somewhere. You also need to ask about dual diagnosis. Need to be sure that they will keep him on his medications rather than those who believe that psychiatric issues don't exist, it's only addiction that gets them on medications... for them, going off medications is a condition of admission.



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Thanks OTE, I was going to give her that website.

I agree, try not to use the judicial system as a means to get treatment. It just becomes so messy.

Sending you some polish :warrior: