difficult child I denied admission to votech




Not only is he having a miserable time on the youth group trip (snubbed by all the other kids & sitting in the hotel room alone)

Now I have to tell him when he comes home that votech denied his admission. We were trying to get him in despite a horrific year. The move, depression, puberty, chronic asthma and a learning disability all contributed, but now that there's no "second chance" I am at a lost as to what to do.

I get one difficult child under control and all goes to H - E -double breadsticks with the other, sigh.................



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I'm so sorry. :frown: It always seems like when one difficult child is up, the other is down and vise versa. I hope difficult child takes it ok and you can find the silver lining.


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it hurts when they hurt for sure.
it is up to the school district to educate him in a proper environment. do they have any other suggestions?


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So sorry......I hate it when my kiddo is in pain too :frown: Especially rejection, that is the worst.

Where does he have to go to school now if he cannot get into votech?