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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    difficult child is doing EXCELLENT so we are going to try taking him off Flouxetine.

    Today we start at 20 mg per day (from 30 mg). Then On Oct 15th we go down to 10 mg per day. On Nov 15th we go to 10 mg every other day and then off on Dec 15th.

    I thought it would be a slower process. However, I do believe his is ready to try. If it doesn't work, we can deal with it at that time.

    The doctor says he doesn't forsee any problems with this first step down. Maybe a little problem going from 20 to 10 and if there are issues most likely will show from 10 per day to 10 every other day and/or when stopped all together.

    He stated he doesn't like major changes in medications just before Christmas but in difficult child's case it should be o.k. I think that is either because 1. doctor may take vacation time thus unable to reach and/or 2. vacation days usually are different schedules for people and major changes in medications are easier if kids are facing their normal schedule?

    Anyway, I will keep you posted if this does or does not work for us. Send us your good thoughts.
  2. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad he is doing so well. Will be keeping good thoughts that all goes well!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's great to hear he's doing well. I hope the wean is able to conclude successfully! I've thought about taking my difficult child 1 off Lexapro, but I don't think it would be wise for him right now.