difficult child is having the time of his life

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    and I am going crazy!

    Diva called awhile back and said "we" are dog sitting her friend's puppy. I don't remember what kind it is. It is very white and just a tad larger than our white bichon. It's name is Bailey. Our's is Bella. So, I am hearing "Come on girls! Come Bailey, Come Bella!" Oh when will it stop?

    Those two white puppies are chasing each other around with difficult child's chore to alternate potty times outside and keep them from doing too much harm to the house and each other.

    There is running and hollering (happy hollers). This is just what difficult child needed to get his mind off his weird feeling head. I wish I could let him stay up all night but that would not be wise even for this.

    I am NOT looking forward to an overnight with a guest puppy in the house. I told Diva that she needs to stay home and help but she says, "No, difficult child can take care of the two dogs." Ugh. She had better be home at a decent hour tonight!

    difficult child is doing great but once he is sleeping, I am not great at taking care of puppies. So you all can come visit and help me take care of two cute white furballs who are just as happy as difficult child is at the moment and displaying oodles and oodles of energy.
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    Glad difficult child is having such a great time with the pups! My easy child and difficult child would too but I would be in your category with puppies. I love our black lab, she is mellow (unless I'm walking her). I hope the night goes quickly!
  3. Andy

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    I heard the puppies getting a little nippy with each other and sent difficult child to investigate. I hear difficult child saying "Where's the fight! Chill out! Jeez you two!" I just love it when our kids have to feel frustrated over kids' fighting like we do when the siblings fight. Somehow he is much more patient with these puppies than I am with him and Diva when they squabble.
  4. Andy

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    I just sent difficult child in again to check on nipping. He came back to report, "Whenever I go into the room, they just sit there looking at me. When I leave they go back at it." Oh how true to life!

  5. everywoman

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    That is soooo cute. I'm glad it's helping him feel better for the moment. Maybe it's time to look into getting him his own little pet to take care of.
  6. Andy

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    Oh this just gets better and better.

    difficult child just proclaimed, "When will they ever just settle down?"