difficult child is sooo needy and i'm sooo tired

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Jena

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    ok i needed to vent to get rid of this today. difficult child is so needy today. we just got home late yesterday afternoon did food shopping cleaned house didnt'g stop till late last night.

    i needed today to relax take a deep breath not move heaven adn earth today.

    yet difficult child's bouncing and has been since 9 a.m. this morning i'm really tired physically and mentally not feeling great having eaten take out hotel food junk for four days.

    i soo needed today to rest it's just not fair sometimes i'm expected to just keep on going regardless. she wants to go out on bike, kids have no clean clothes which requires trip to laundromat and all i wanna do is lay on couch in pajamas cook a nice dinner and relax for a change.

    yet i feel guilty to take this time when difficult child's are home. its look at this mom look at taht i can't walk out of a room and into the next without her saying where are you going what are you diong what are we doing now can you take me out??

    oh man sometimes i'Tourette's Syndrome a bit much it really is. it's frustrating to not be able to get the mental break you need at times. i kno wi shouldn't complain but sheesh

    then i think well tonight i will have down time. no i wont' puttin gher to bed on sundays is a freak show plain and simple the anxiety she experienced worry about school next day crying it's endless. i always fear bedtime now i dont know if it'll work if she'll be up till 5 a.m. in bed with us

    ugh need a breather was giong to go back to office tmrw now i find myself debating that as well but i'm running out of money and charged so much on boyfriend's card and i have to make money to pay it off. just if i get her in school tmrw i'll have sometime without her and to relax. clearly its' not going to happen today.

    she's like a toy with supercharged batteries without the medications.

    ok thanks for letting me ramble relentlessly
  2. house of cards

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    I sooo understand the needy energy drainer. My 8 yo L is that way and it is equal to about 4/5 not so needy kids. Mine doesn't really behave badly just wants all the attention all the time. You have my sympathy...any chance you can get her involved in a craft or something and get a little break?
  3. Jena

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    thanks. it is what it is my famous line for this year altogether. craft was at 9 a.m. painted birdhouse i bought her at hospital during evaluation. she's non stop energy needy argumentative you name it she's it. it's so incredibly draining the days you just dont' feel like giving it 100%
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    I know exactly how you feel. I can't tell you how many times I have repeated in my head, "Only 10 more min., only 5 more min." as I'm driving the kids to school and difficult child is screaming at me or some such thing.
    And once he's gone, it takes me so long to reload my own batteries ... one report I read said it takes the average person 20 min. to calm down after an argument. I don't doubt it.
    Hugs for all of you.
  5. AprilH

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    OMG! "where are you going?" "What are you doing?" "why?"....and on and on and on...I thought my son was the only one that gave me the third degree if I so much as sneezed. I will turn it around on him with the constant questions and it usually gets him to stop...at least for five minutes, then it's back to the interrogating. Why do these kids do this when they have their own eyes and can see me get the milk from the fridge and pour a glass? But then again, I think actually taking a moment to look and process information they are seeing would be too easy!

    This is too funny! My daughter was just standing here in the doorway as I am writing this, picking her teeth and my son JUST ASKED HER "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?", DEMANDING an answer from her, as if world peace depends on her answering him! Why God, WHY???????!!!!!!!
  6. Wiped Out

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    Empathetic hugs coming your way. difficult child is like this day in and day out!
  7. Jena

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    hugs to all of you also. i'm sorry to say this because i know it's so so hard but i'm glad i'm not alone :)

    i do wish you guys had it easier though.

    so where do you take your breaths on these days?? wow i'm sitting right next to her now as i'm typing this.. i swear she could paint a house right now

  8. AprilH

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    Hey! I need my house painted...send her on down here and my son could help her! HAHA! If only it were that easy...big hugs to you! :D

    My son just left for school, YAY! Here's to hoping he has a decent day and that I don't get any phone calls from the school! :sweating: