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  1. I was wondering if anyone ever tried to host a meeting where all the G'SFG moms got together? Certainly might be something worth considering. To be able to put faces with the writings and to be able to make that adult contact that you can relate to. Perhaps there could be more than one meeting to accommodate various regions. Eg. Canada, Northern US, Southern US, etc... Just a thought. Any ideas/input would be welcome.
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    You missed our "virtual" cruise a couple weeks ago. We even "picked up" Marguerite in Australia...
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    AH HA! I KNEW you guys went somewhere sunny and forgot me!

    There have been several meetings in the past - I think they were in LasVegas. I know from the post that all had a great time. Someone even posted pictures. It was nice to see names and faces that went with the wisdom.
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    Some of us got together a few years ago in Texas. Esther even came from Jerusalem. That was one of the reasons we got together. Cookie came from Minnesota, I came from OK, and several members were there already (Fran, lovemysons, and StellaJohnson)

    It was wonderful!

    It would be fun, but maybe we could wait and plan it out a ways? LIke next year so we could save up?