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    My M I took him to see cars2, that was a reward for lasting the last 2wks of school without any hitting etc. He's usually really fidgity and doesn't stop talking during a movie, it's really annoying to be honest, BUT....he dis amazing at the movies...he listened....didn't get up, except once to give me a hug...and only talked a few times....it was so nice to take him to the movies :) I also took him to the beach yesterday and I was really impressed with his behaviour, he was busy as usual, up to the play ground, back to the beach...back & forth...back and forth...but I would just stay on the beach and turn my chair whenever he left(only about 20 ft b/w playground & beach) one of his classmates was there and she kicked water in his face, because she wanted his boogie board...her dad did NOTHING!!!!I was ****** off...but....I sat back and let him resolve it....amazingly he didn't push her, hit her or yell at her....he did eventually come back over to my chair and the girl drifted closer to my area...her dad came down into the water with her...my son said "mom I want to use my board" I said "you tell xxx that she needs to share with you" her father made her give the board back...he said to me "she has problems with sharing" I said "so do my kids" and we laughed about it. My son did amazing at the beach and met new kids to play with , they all shared their toys and had fun....it was a really good day :) :) :)

    My E stayed home with husband, he was happy building water dams etc in the sand box....I took him to the movies last night and he was really good too...listened and didn't get out of his chair! We all didn't go to the show together because friday night E was in a mood and didn't want to go...husband didn't care, he didn't want to see the movie, so I went twice.

    Today me & the boys are going to a beach with my friend and her daughter...hopefully it goes well...sometimes when the boys are together it's a different dynamic...lot's of sibling fighting etc..they tend to drive me nuts....but I"m being positive.
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    Wonderful April!

    Just as an aside so you wont feel that you are alone in the whole sharing thing. We are working on that skill here too. Or sigh..I should say we were before Keyana left...it is so hard for me to think she isnt right down the street anymore...sigh. But we would all talk about "concepts" with her such as Sharing or trust or politeness when she was here. We took her and a little friend to a water park one day and we told them both that we didnt want to hear any of this Mine, mine mine stuff. We share. They tried us but it was so cute when we got to McDonalds and one got fries and keyana got Apple slices and then the other one wanted to try a Apple slice and Keyana piped up "can I share with her?" then the other one pipes up..."we are sharing buddies!" LMAO.
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    That is great news! I hope today's day at the beach was another great one!

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    Wow:) I hope that today went as well as the rest of the weekend. Sounds like M handled things really well!!
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    Thanks girls

    Janet-That's too cute about the french fry :)

    The beach went ok today...we didn't go to a "public" beach this beach is on crown land but it's usually very quiet and no playground etc...the 3 of them played pretty good together...but all they want to do is eat and they crowd in on ya for food, finally my friend had to say "look kids..me and april want to have grown up mommy talk, it's time for you 3 to go play and leave us alone" it was a good time all in all...we survived, or should I say I survived. My boys are easier to handle one on one...when they are together they tend to feed off each other...get louder and louder...fight etc.....it's the slumber party that never ends!
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    Oh that is soooooo normal!

    I have always told people that having one child is a just a taste. When you add in more, the fun just multiplies exponentially. lol