difficult child only had the car for a week


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I thought he'd at least last for a month before we had to take away the car. I am so disappointed.

I got an email from his history teacher this week: "difficult child hasn’t been in class since we got back from Thanksgiving break. He was here on Tuesday, December 2. I have asked students in the class about difficult child, and everyone says that they haven’t seen him. It wasn’t until two days ago when one of the students said that she saw him in school earlier in the morning. I wanted to make sure everything is fine."

Then, last night difficult child slept on the couch downstairs. husband found a lighter that had fallen out of difficult child's pocket.

I asked difficult child today over the phone if he had apologized to the teacher and where he had spent his class time. He said he left the bldg. and went to the park to chill out.


husband thinks he's hanging with-a bunch of kids and smoking pot. I agree. They are downstairs right now and husband is reading him the riot act. difficult child had a friend with him. I served the friend dinner and he is in the kitchen by himself.



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Sorry Terry, I know this is disappointing. Lesson for difficult child is one that my mother used to tell the four of us all the time, "someone is always watching". And she was right.

He has more to loose now so hopefully the consequences of loosing the car privilege will sink through his noggin and make him think twice before he makes bad choices.



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I agree, thank doG, someone is always watching.
Once when he was about five, one of the neighbors called.
"I saw difficult child out in the street. Is he allowed to play out there?"
I told difficult child and he was astounded. "You couldn't see me all the way over there!"
Heh heh.

Anyhoo, I drove difficult child's friend home. Early. difficult child is downstairs, moping on the couch. He's been fighting with-his girlfriend. I think he's got his eye on other girls. And his girlfriend found out that he had skipped and she is mad. Good for her.
She's in another city for the weekend with-her dad. It's good for difficult child and his girlfriend to be apart.

He works today at 2:00. I am having him help me with-my cousin's things (I moved her from assisted living to a nursing facility yesterday) and I need help carrying more things. I'll drop him off and then he can walk home, or may husband will pick him up. I don't like him walking in the dark. Especially on a Saturday night when everyone is drunk.