difficult child passed all classes on to second simester

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    So he has now earned his first 3.5 credits towards graduation. (1/4 credit for gym and 1/4 credit for this organizational class)

    Second half of the year will be a bit tougher. No honors classes, but 4 academic classes. 4 credits to earn by june. New teachers. Well, he will have the same teacher for Algebra 2 as he did for Algebra 1, which is good. He likes her.

    No school today. Afraid of all the new classes that begin tomorrow. ONLY because this means I have to meet with all the teachers and go over IEP - because the spec. ed. teacher doesn't take care of this. It will be frustrating for difficult child, and for me. Which will more than likely make things a bit more tense on the home front if that is even possible.

    I really didn't think difficult child understood that he is a Freshman and NOW he MUST pass the classes. A number of his friends have failed one or more classes. These are only Freshman. I really do think this past week, finals, he realized that - hey - I really must pass these classes.

    Sure hope he likes his new teachers!
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    Well, Congrats to him for passing! and good luck next semester!
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    Good job difficult child!!! :)