difficult child removed from program cannot ever go back.


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Thank you Barbara. I am doing better now. I usually get down for a day when these things hapen but I do not allow myself to loose more than a day to greif. He stole too much of my life already. I will help him in ways that I am comfortable but I will not stop living to wallow in grief over his behavior or lack of it.


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Sorry RM. Sending you some {{{sunny hugs}}}.

It just frosts me when our society touts itself as a leader but shuns the needs of those with mental health issues. We know it's not an easy fix and we know it's costly, but it's also costly to keep an inmate.

I guess there are no easy answers.


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Adding my hugs and prayers to the rest. This is what I fear may lay ahead for my difficult child. :frown: Will keep praying and sending hugs. :frown: