difficult child Seems Blank and Empty

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JKF, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Just got back from another visit to difficult child at the psychiatric hospital. I can't put my finger on it but something about him seems off. The first time I visited him on Tuesday he seemed fine. Laughing, joking, talking like his "normal" self, etc. but yesterday and tonight he seems almost blank and empty. Like there's nothing behind his eyes. Sure he was talking and joking with me but he seems different somehow. It's weird and I have an uneasy feeling.

    He's supposed to have a full psychological evaluation but the Dr. hasn't seen him yet. It's a different doctor than the psychiatrist that's been seeing him at the psychiatric hospital and I guess this other doctor is extremely busy. I get that...fine...people get busy but he needs this evaluation before he's discharged on Monday. I'm putting my foot down! He will not come home until it's done especially since I get the feeling that there's something more going on with him. I'm still not convinced he's safe to be around himself or others without something happening!
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    Are the medications all the same? Did they add or take anything away?

    I know that uneasy feeling when your child seems so different. Mine was an entirely differetn situation, but that mom gut feeling is the same.

    Keep pushing for that evaluation and make sure your concerns are heard.
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    His medications were adjusted 2 weeks ago while he was attending the partial hospital program at the psychiatric hospital. They increased the Abilify from 5 mg to 15 mg and decreased the Prozac from 40 mg to 20 mg. He was very tired at first but seemed to have adjusted within 5 days of the change and was fine after that.

    I can't put my finger on it but something is wrong. Yes, he's my son, looks like him, talks like him, but it's not him. It's very hard to explain but I do have a gut feeling something is going on and I will definitely be bringing it up with the psychiatrist tomorrow!
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    Just a thought...it usually takes about 2 weeks for an abilify adjustment to take place...you may want to ask the doctor.

    Also, could he have had a PRN - any outbursts in the hospital that they may have had to emergency medicate for?

    Just quick thoughts on medications!

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    Beth - It may very well be the medication adjustment so I will definitely be speaking to the psychiatrist today.

    As for the PRN - the nurse told me they haven't had to emergency medicate him at all. He hasn't had any outbursts while there. In fact, he's doing really well there which is his pattern. He does well in places like the psychiatric hospital and then comes home and all hell breaks loose! I'm dreading Monday when he's released because I know he'll do well at home for the first few days and then he will go right back to his old ways!
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    Then you call 911 again and have him readmitted. You need to create that papertrail so that the next time, you have documentation to try and force a longer stay or get Residential Treatment Center (RTC) services.
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    That's my plan! The second things start to go downhill I'm bringing him right back! I refuse to live the way we were living where everyone had to walk on eggshells in order to keep him calm! I lost 30 lbs. in a month from the stress of it all!

    Also, I agree about the paper trail! The CMO thinks he simply needs more time to adjust to being home but the psychiatrist said she highly doubts he will be able to function in the home. Right now the CMO is suggesting "art therapy" and trying to help me find ways to fill his schedule so he keeps busy. It's all a bunch of BS if you ask me! If I can show a consistent pattern then hopefully the CMO will be forced to help me find a placement instead of just telling me to wait it out!
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    Hi! Has anyone explored as to why he's so much more balanced in a hospital setting? Here's why I ask. My difficult child 1 TRIED to end up in the hospital. It became a quest for him. He would study the other patients, find out how they got there and then when he'd be released, he'd start manifesting the behaviors that the kids in the hospital were doing, thus landing him back in the hospital.

    It turned out that he considered the hospital a safe zone. No stress, picking his meals, tv most of the time, video games, movies, etc. You get the picture. He's got aspergers as a primary diagnosis, but has had several added due to all of the hospital stays.

    It may be in everyone's best interest to explore why he likes one environment over the other.

    Just a thought!

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    psychiatric hospital are very reinforcing. At least the ones here. The kids are safe, the staff is usually so skilled and their whole day is relaxed. Yes they have groups and therapy. But they have good food, lots of positive interactions and kids who are more like them than in other settings. My daughter does so well they can't even believe it when we tell them what happens when she has a suicidal episode. In my opinion, I just want to keep her out at all cost because I have seen very little benefit after the first stay. Hang in there and I hope he settles a little. Hugs
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    I want to add to the wanting to be in the psychiatric hospital thing. I have only been to one so called psychiatric hospital place as an adult and it was the pits...but that isnt the point.

    When I was a teen, I got put in this place in my home town that was wonderful! Back then there was no set time limits like they have today so I was in for quite awhile. I have no idea what my diagnosis was for admittance either. I have tried to find out and cant. I would go to my psychiatrist and tell him I felt like being admitted and off I would go. I also earned my green band within 3 days which meant I could leave the premises as long as I was back by bedtime...9pm! I kept my car in the parking lot. We were allowed to smoke, we had pt and Occupational Therapist (OT). I made wonderful clay projects - one of which I still have today. We made little leather things like belts, cigarette holders, etc. I absolutely loved the place.

    I think I admitted myself to that place about 4 times and stayed an average of at least 45 days at a time. I could leave and go to parties on the weekends...sometimes I even got overnight passes! Never was I drug tested...lol. I just went in to get away from home. Maybe my psychiatrist left instructions I could go in to get away from my crazy mother. He didnt like her.
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    I think that's a REAL possibility