difficult child twins at psychiatrist's today made me thankful...

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    for difficult child 2's stability!!!!

    They were identical twin boys, about 10yo. They were chasing eachother through the psychiatrist's parking lot while their more elderly father (late 50's for sure) was hollering for them to stop. They continued the chase across a very busy 4-lane boulevard with about a 40mph speed limit (which is usually bumped 5-10mph) without breaking their stride, let alone LOOKING. There was a break in traffic the first time they ran across, but when one twin started to run back, he nearly bought the farm. I could hear horns blaring and tires squealing and my stomach flipped and my heart just about stopped...:scared::holymoly::wildone:

    I jumped out of my van to ask the dad if he needed any help, but he looked at me kind of dazed and shook his head while sauntering towards his difficult child's. The other twin was still on the other side of the road looking like he was finally aware of his surroundings and realizing he should probably stay put if he wanted to live to see his next birthday...

    Turns out, these two were headed to the same psychiatrist office we were, but they were there for their older sister, who also seemed to be a difficult child in her own right. I really felt for that dad -- he seemed completely lost. I really wanted to reach out to him but it was awkward with others in the waiting room...

    I just kept thinking that I felt just about that scared last summer when difficult child 2 was going through his medication wash and very unstable. Even difficult child 2 commented that, "Those two kids really kind of scared me mom, the way they were so out of control!" I had to laugh! There, but for the grace of modern pharmaceuticals, goes my baby!
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    I often have to remind myself that there are lots of people worse off than me and mine. We are those parents in our late fifties.....and it's difficult. In my own defense, I started with SOME kind of intervention when difficult child was four. I hope the doctor was able to help them all.
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    From the mouths of babes...
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    When my difficult child would comment on the behaviors in others, it always gave me a little hope he would be able to see it in himself and self-correct. LOL Whenever I see parents with kids acting out I thank my psychiatrist,therapist,this site and my lucky stars that our difficult child has improved so much, and give them at least a small smile of sympathy.