difficult child was hit by a car last night


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He is ok other than some bruises and pain. He went with husband on his jogging trip. difficult child was riding his bike and crossing the entrance to our local mini-mall. Apparently the lady made no attempts to stop or hit the gas instead of the break, so even the police have no idea what happened. He ended up flying on to the hood of her car and then rolling back onto the ground. Ambulance, fire truck and police all showed up. They told him and husband if he hadn't been wearing his helmet...well it would have been a different situation. The helmet is seperated and broken, where she hit him on his bike is indented a good inch (the metal frame!) Their is much damage to the womans car, some of it was the toll of difficult child's body.

husband is coping, he saw it all. difficult child doesn't really want to talk about it, he says it was too scary. easy child just wants to know why everything bad happens to him.

My heart is heavy, I know it could have been worse. husband said we will probably not press charges, I just want to know how you can miss my kid in the total open!!!!! I am so angry!

Please, please, please make sure your kids wearing their helmets when biking. This could have been a totally different post if it wasn't for him wearing it.


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Thank goodness for that helmet! How scary that phone call must have been.
I am glad he is OK. I imagine your heart is still beating quickly.



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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Thank goodness YOU made him wear a helmet....just shows you how a thoughtless driver can change a life.......

Sending calming thoughts and glad difficult child is okay.</span>

:smile: :kisses:


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Oh my goodness! I am so glad to hear that difficult child is OK for the msot part. To think of how badly things could have been...yikes! I'm sure you just wanted to hug him and not let go last night.

:::hugs::: for the whole family


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Wow! Thank goodness difficult child is ok :angel:

What happened to your difficult child is truly a testiment to how important those helmets are. difficult child is the only one on this street who has to wear his helmet when they are just "playing around on the block". I worry more about someone backing out of the driveway than him getting hit in the street.

So glad difficult child is ok. I'm sure it was so incredibly scary for husband.

I am so glad to hear that your son is doing well, but so sorry that this happened to him and your family. Helmets are so, so important, and I know that you all are greatly relieved that he had his on! Kudos to Mom and Dad.
I know your feelings of shock and fear well. My son was hit by a truck when he was crossing the street after school four years ago. No one can understand that kind of trauma until they have lived it. We've all been trying to understand why this random act happened, especially his injuries were so severe. He's had three hospital stays, the first for 2 months - and 12 recontructive surgeries. He's scheduled for his 13th one this Monday - wish us luck...
My son was 11 when he was hit. I've done research and discovered that the most common ages for such accidents are between the ages of 9 to 12...something that I never knew before. These accidents often typically happen before or after school or during the summer vacation...
Everyone give your kids an especially tight hug today and remind them again about helmets and safety on the street.


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I'm so glad he is okay. Helmets are a wonderful thing no matter how dorky the kid thinks they are. Take a bow for being a wise mom who insists her child be protected.

I hope the woman has learned a valuable lesson about paying attention in parking lots. I also hope your son gets over this quickly.


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easy child said why does the bad stuff happen to difficult child - I see a lot of good stuff happened for difficult child.

* He was wearing a helmet which greatly reduced his injuries.

* He was not the one at fault.

* He had his father with him as well as other witnesses.

* He could have been injured much worse - he wasn't.

The only bad thing was the other driver didn't stop when she should have and she hit difficult child. Everything else is good. Really good. Focus on that.

When difficult child 3 had his accident a few months ago, it WAS his fault. We're out of pocket about A$1000 for damages to the car, not taking into account the damage to difficult child 3's NEW bike (still not repaired).
But difficult child 3 WAS wearing his helmet. He learnt a number of good things -

1) Helmets save lives. Including his.

2) He is not invulnerable.

3) When you're being chased by bullies, come home. Do not ride your bike in panic - the bullies won't chase you far anyway.

Give your difficult child a hug (gently, because of the bruises). Tell him how proud you are of him for wearing his helmet, and how glad you are that he is going to be OK.

And give husband a hug, too.



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I am glad he was not hurt seriously. Yes, I require helmets, too. How ironic my son lost his eye after I refused to permit him to be at a friends house who has a BB gun and I refuse to permit any fireworks or firecrackers........(my son lost his eye playing with a hammer at a friends house)- note I always refused to permit such activities, LOL, not just after he lost his eye.

My difficult child and I witnessed a child be hit by a car while riding a bike once, and it stuck in her mind, and she never rode again. :-(

I do have to say I scream and yell a LOT around here about both pedestrians and bikes. A bike ran into me, I was sitting still waiting for a train at train gates that were down- yewesh. and I have had several people (adults included) come up alongside me on my right on the highway and while I am turning right, they come up from behind and then try to turn left in front of me. It is quite scary especially in a 50 mph zone. We also have several kids here on bikes, maybe 14 or so yrs old who love to play "chicken" with the cars. I am surprised there are not more injuries. Couple this with new drivers aged 16 and it is a recipe for disaster. I am sorry your child was riding safely and got hurt. That is so scary! And I am sure it was awful for your husband, too, to witness it. Many many hugs. To all of you!


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OMG! I am so glad he is OK and was wearing a helmet. After some time passes, and he gets over it, he will be able to tell his peers how important it is to wear those "dorky" helmets.

Hugs to you all!


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So very glad his guardian angel was watching closely!!! :angel:

I can imagine your anger about what happened -- especially towards the driver... I'd be furious, too.

My difficult child 2 nearly got hit yesterday in a parking lot because he wasn't paying attention and the car in question barely slowed down. If I hadn't been watching him and hollered to stop....

difficult child angels work overtime here, too!

Hang in there -- hope he recovers from his injuries quickly and that everyone in your family is able to cope with the upset.