difficult child's court date is tomorrow...

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    ...and I am so nervous for him. Things are looking very positive, but until I know for sure, I don't know...Know what I mean??

    difficult child's psychiatrist has told the judge that with his functional and intellectual impairments, he's not fit to stand trial because he doesn't really understand the full situation. difficult child's wonderful lawyer has been working closely with the prosecutor, and they have been discussing a reduction or even a withdrawal of the charges.

    If everything goes well, difficult child may end up with no criminal record at all. At worst, they may reduce his charge to simple assault. (The other family involved has left the country and they don't want to drag themselves back here to testify).

    We've told difficult child's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that, no matter what the results in court, they are to maintain the same level of supervision over difficult child that they have been doing while he's been on bail. difficult child continues to let therapy happen around him with no real participation on his part, so there is still a long hard road to walk...but with no criminal record, his prospects for the future are brighter.

    Please rattle beads and send positive thoughts for us.

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    This must be so nerve-wracking. Please relax tonight - bubble bath, soft music, cuddle with hubby, read a really absorbing book, watch a movie, whatever soothes you.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you that the courts finding is favorable and that they take his impairments into account.


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    You have all my prayers and good thoughts. Do what Susie says and take some Trinity-time tonight.

    Lots of hugs, and keep us posted.
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    Rattling beads for a positive outcome!!!!!
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    I am sending the most supportive thoughts and prayers that I can. been there done that. I understand your concerns. Hugs. DDD