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    This one was interesting to listen to:

    difficult child dream that he was accused of cheating because he had the exact same answers (even wrong ones) than another student. He got angry because he had not cheated and started yelling at the teachers. He asked why they didn't accuse the other boy. difficult child was very upset that the teachers didn't believe that he did not cheat.

    Apparently the teachers kept yelling at him and he stood his ground by yelling back. So, he was put on probation.

    (now the funny part!)

    "I didn't know what probation meant so I asked them and they told me it meant no fun - no recess or other fun. This was at the end of the school year - in May so I asked when this was going to happen. They told me it would happen in June. That doesn't make sense, there is no school in June! How can I have probation then?" So, he is upset that he was accused of something he did not do and confused as to how the punishment is going to work. LOL! poor kid!

    difficult child had told me a little this morning but spent more time on it this afternoon. This dream is really bothering him. I hope the thought of being on "probation" is enough to keep him out of trouble.
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    Poor kid, now he gets in trouble in his sleep. Not fair!
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    Wow, the kid can't catch a break, can he? Getting into trouble in his sleep, to be served over summer break? Is there any guilty conscience behind this? I know with Wiz that often dreams where he got into trouble were signs he had done something and not been caught yet.

    At least he didn't break any bones. husband had a dream a few years ago that he was in a professional soccer game. He kicked the winning goal in the dream and kicked a bookshelf next to our bed in real life! He broke several toes.

    So, you can console him that even grownups do silly things in dreams!