difficult child's first therapy appointment with new doctor

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    good morning everyone

    so, today's difficult child's first therapy appointment with a new therapist. I am not very sure of this therapist to begin with. Last time I met with therapist she was busy arguing with me over co-pays of which she was wrong, she was late to appointment. second time in row, she also had her breakfast delivery smack in the middle of our session. Session ran short due to all these things.

    So, we shall see. Not sure if she'll be able to be the one to truly teach difficult child the coping skills she needs. I am hoping.

    difficult child doesn't want to go, she's very manicky again today has been jumping around dancing in living room since 7 a.m. was up at 5 a.m. went to bed at 11 last night. She said that means i'm not normal if i have to go talk to someone.

    Ofcourse I gave her the "speech" once again. So, here's hoping.

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    :faint:So, we went and difficult child was nervous. I had to chase her to get her out of house.

    Yet once there she calmed a bit.:redface: and i was so taken back the therapist went right in for the kill. I was a bit taken back lol!! Last therapist had 12 sessions and didn't even know if difficult child had friends......very passive she was hence the change.

    So, she was pretty aggressive difficult child sort of responded looked to me alot for answers to questoins. Asked why do you think you are here?? than why do you think you may get nervous? what are your favorite subjects? Who are your friends, they spoke about that stuff for a bit. difficult child responded when that subject came up. Than she went into how do you like mom's fiance, what about his kids? She liked those questions began sharing some of our routine we have adopted as of late bubble bath on monday nights with difficult child and his youngest.

    So, she dove right in. She spoke to difficult child at times like she was an adult. I got a little confused at one point because she was explaining where we would begin. Which is with a relaxation tape difficult child tensing muscles than contracting than it'll be on to tape two learning just how to keep muscles relaxed. we touched on the anger outbursts a bit but difficult child got mad and din't wanna go ther at all!!

    So, i'm guessing this is how it's "supposed" to go.......

    at the end difficult child got to pick out of a basket of toys and candy.......which do you think she picked?? yup candy