difficult child's Get out of jail free card

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    I call it difficult child's "get out of jail free card" half jokingly. Actually, it reveals a weakness in the court system - they certainly didn't, in this case at least, have any interest in actually addressing health issues, including mental health issues. Their sole concern was avoiding responsibility and potential liability.

    Last month, after difficult child hit the streets again, she was arrested along with her boyfriend of the week - he for DUI, she for public intoxication/drunk and disorderly/mouthing off to the cops, whatever you want to call it. She called a friend, who called my parents, thinking they might go bail. They wouldn't, but they did call the jail and innocently asked if someone could bring her her anti-seizure medicine.

    Well, as soon as they heard she was on medications for seizures they couldn't get her out of there fast enough.

    The seizures seem to be drug induced, perhaps together with neurological damage from past drug use and bulimia. She's had scads of neurological evaluations which never have identified a cause. They have always occurred in conjunction with heavy (illegal) drug use, particularly meth - of course, when she's using, she quits her anti-seizure medicine as soon as it runs out.
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    Seizures don't scare authorities around here. They actually sent a deputy to arrest our easy child/difficult child for missing a probation appointment (misdemeanor charge of possession of less than 1/2 a joint, by the way) two days after he came home from the hospital after having brain surgery. He had the fresh scar on his shaved head from the insertion of a plate and five medications including seizure medications. They took him away. I'll never forgot that trauma. They kept him for about five hours and then he was released to me.

    The only thing they fear is hemophelia (not spelled correctly, I'm sure). He has a friend with that disorder and he never was put in a cell even though he had multiple charges and arrests. That scared them. I'm glad something did, lol. DDD
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    Doesn't scare them around here. But then nothing much seems to......maybe the hemiphelia would though. I can understand their point with that one, but it could be managed by keeping the person in isolation. Then if he does something to himself.....well I mean c'mon it would be a tad obvious I'd think. lol

    Our cops are so used to dealing with meth addicts.......and the neuro damage it causes it doesn't phase them anymore. Meth is super popular around here but heroin is rapidly beating it out. I believe this is where Katie's "seizures" come from too. I had strong reason to believe she used meth in the past.......perhaps in the present although that is speculation at the moment. She also has no medical based reason to have seizures and no family history either. Travis' doesn't count as his is due to brain injury.