difficult child's wrestling tournament

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difficult child had his first wrestling tournament yesterday. He had so much fun! :smile: He didn't win a match but did get a medal (everyone does!). husband got him there around 7:45 and then I met them there around 11:00 (I had to work). I was able to see him wrestle all three matches. His third one was his best. It took quite awhile for the other to pin him. The mom of the boy who beat difficult child in that last match said for a first tournament he did great!

He was a great sport about not winning-he just had fun. It lasted til about 2:00. It was fun to watch him hang out with kids and have a good time. This wrestling is a good outlet for him. I wish it would carry over more at home but at least he is enjoying it and fitting in with other kids.

They have tournaments almost every weekend so this will keep him busy. He has practices twice a week and tournaments are on the weekend. We probably won't hit every tournament but difficult child likes it so much we plan to do quite a few-and the cost is reasonable-only $10.00 a tournament!


That's great, Sharon! It's especially wonderful that he is a good sport. Karate was a great outlet for my difficult child when younger -- so glad your guy found something he enjoys so much!

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Sharon, sounds like a positive experience for difficult child. I love that he took losing so well.

Keeping fingers crossed that difficult child has found his passion & can use this activity in a healing way. :bravo:


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Thats wonderful news!!!!! Great job difficult child! I'm glad to hear he had a great time and it's always nice when they can bring a little something back with them. Good job to the organizers who give out medals for all of them, makes them all feel like winners :smile:


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It's great when they find something positive to participate in that makes them feel good about themselves. Hope this is something that keeps him interested for a while. And :bravo: to him for being such a good sport!


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glad you posted an update.

:bravo: Way to go difficult child :bravo:

Looks like we know where you and husband will be on the weekends.......



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Awwwwww, how cool, Sharon :bravo:

Good for difficult child! What a good sport :grin: Nice report, thanks!



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Way To Go! difficult child sounds like he had fun and was a good sport. It has to warm your heart to see him just doing what everyone else is doing.

As an aside,my nephew (6yrs old) had his first tournament on Saturday also. Stillwater Mn. He won because his competitor started to sob and wouldn't wrestle. The photo is so cute but heartbreaking. :rofl:


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Hitting a wrestling mat is a much better outlet for him. Ken always does better with physical activity.

Its so nice to hear that difficult child has found a constructive outlet for all of his energy. It is wonderful that he enjoys it so much and is able to fit in with the other kids. You and husband must be so proud of him!!!

It must feel so good to be able to have a "normal" family day!!! WFEN


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My husband was a wrestler. I was is best fan. I went to all the matches I could and when in HS made signs for every one of them. I really got the wrestling events attendance way up. It was so much fun. husband went on to wrestle varsity in college and took second in the State his junior year. We went back for many years for alumni matches and my girls cheered him on. I remember one match where husband was getting wiped over the mat and my daughter then 4 ran over and yelled at the opponent to stop hurting her daddy. It was a good strategy because it broke the guy's concentration and husband ended up winning that match :rofl: It bothered husband a bit that niether of our boys had any interest in participating in his sport. easy child 2 couldn't due to a malformation of his elbows that prevents him for being able to rotate his hands and his spacial problems. difficult child just didn't have the strength, coordination or desire. -RM