Dirty french fries, crazy drivers and broken windows....(long)

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    ....what a weekend.

    Saturday I took my mom to the store. Her car is acting up and she feels funny asking her friends to drive her around so she called me. LOL Not a problem though but before we went shopping, we hit McD's. While we're waiting on a register to open up, we had to dodge a guy and a kid wrestling in front of the counter. The guy looked to be about late teens or early 20's.....old enough to know how to act in public. Supposedly. We make our way to the counter, order and wait on our food. They put the sandwhiches on the tray and then this kid puts our fries on. A few of the fries fell out of the container and landed on the counter. (Note: I said the COUNTER and not the tray) He picks them up (bare handed of course) hesitates and then puts them BACK. IN. THE. CONTAINER. I pipe up and say that I want a new thing of fries. He kind of gives me that "crazy old lady" look, takes the fries and goes back to the fryer. We couldn't see what he was doing but Mom and I both swear that he just grabbed more fries and stuffed them in the box. What EVER.

    Then we go shopping. At Walmart. A week before Christmas. THAT was fun. Plus, Mom's Walmart really hoovers. They hardly have anything and neither one of us got much of what was on our lists. We tried though and by the time I headed for home, it was dark. About half way home (she lives about a half hour from me) I came up on a car doing 40-45 mph on a main road. I hate to pass anyway and could see another car coming but couldn't tell how far away it was so I just hung out behind this car. About the time the oncoming car is almost to us, some other car came ROARING up behind me and passes both my car and the one in front of me. The two of us and the oncoming car all slammed on our brakes while the oblivious idjit just goes merrily on his way. Scared the poo out of me. But, passing or not, I'm not one to let this go so I get around the slow poke and catch up. After watching for a couple of miles I decided to call the cops and told them everything starting with his impressive passing skills. As I'm on the phone with the police, we came up to a four way stop at the edge of town and I was able to give them the make and license plate of the car. (tee hee) I stayed behind him until he turned off, told the police where he turned and then went home. About an hour later, I get a call. It's the police. They had been able to track this car, went to the house and had a nice chat with the driver's MOTHER!!! Turns out it was a kid and in the words of the dispatcher who called me back, "his mother will be doing far worse to him than we (the police) ever could" and apparently, he's NOT going to be driving for some time. *snort*

    Sunday comes along and I'm hoping it will be better.


    I took husband to work because he had his work Christmas party afterwards and it made no sense to have two vehicles there. He works in the next town over (on the west side) but the party was on the north side of town. He works in a shopping center so I decided to get some more shopping done since I was there. That didn't work out. difficult child called me crying a little. Seems that he broke his bedroom window. In true difficult child fashion, his room is horrible. He has the makings of two queen size beds (various mattresses and box springs) laid out on the floor right under one of his windows. Evidently, he got up and wasn't quite awake yet, stumbled and fell back into his window. Somehow, he managed to come out of it without a scratch. Fortunately also, the window is double paned and he only broke the inside one. Not quite sure how he managed that but I'm not complaing. Much. I got the big chunks picked up with minimal blood loss on my part and then shut the door so the animals wouldn't get in there. Also in good difficult child fashion, he has no sheets on his bed. So instead of carefully removing the sheets, giving them a good shake outside and then washing them, his mattress was in need of some serious vacuuming and flipping. But....no time for that as we had to go to husband's nephew's birthday party. We stayed there for a couple of hours then I dropped difficult child off back at home with dire warnings of what would happen if he messed with the window. (there's still shard's stuck in the frame and it's just not a good situation. husband now has it cleaned up as best as possible at this point and covered it so difficult child wouldn't cut himself) I picked husband back up at work and since his coworkers are all so helpful, we used the gps thing on his phone to find the house of the coworker who was hosting the party. (Cause his company didn't do jack) Everyone just told husband to use the navigator feature and left. Well guess what. It didn't work. He starts calling around and of course no one answers. He calls the woman who's house it's at and can't get her either. I'm already a bit honked off because of the day before and difficult child's window, plus the fact that his company was so cheap so I'm ready to just go home. About that time, husband's phone rings. It's the husband of the party host, drunk and trying to be funny by saying (in what he hoped was an intimidating voice) "Is there a reason why you're calling my wife?"

    Oooook. THIS is going to be fun. This guy had started on the party long before anyone got there and apparently thinks he's a riot when he drinks. Nope. Turns out he's just a jerk. We did have a decent time but usually when the husband was in the other room. LOL But, I think I want a redo on my weekend.

    Anyone else have a fun time this weekend?
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    Oh my! I bet you were never so glad to see the weekend end!
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    And then there is always MONDAY! Sorry your weekend was so rough I hope your week goes a bit better.

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    Next time come visit me - you can be snowed in with me with nowhere to go - everything canceled and closed.

    I hope this week goes better for you.
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    My gosh, Stang! I got tired just reading your post.:tongue:

    Personally, I would call McD's corporate and report the incident. They always have that number somewhere in the building. If you handle food in any way, the law requires you to wear gloves. I'm a germaphob. I can't even imagine how many people's hands, etc., would be on that counter.

    Crazy drivers? Ha! Don't even get me started. That is one benefit of living here. No speed limit is higher than 30. Most are 25.