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    I don't know if I wrote this..but I got a call from them the other day,She tools me something I did not know.She said that the public school system does not have to even look at any testing done outside of the schools!She said they do not even have to look or list any accommodations or mods if it comes from an outside provider.She told me that the school will pay for a full pych testing,and if I do get him tested outside,then I can ask them to compare the tests.She also told me to write a letter to pass out in the meeting,asking for a full pych testing and behavior assessment and a positive behavior support plan,and any mods and accommodations ,she said do it all in writing.I have never done this before,Does any one have a sample letter,that I can look at?She said,then after awhile,if the Behavior plan isn't working,I can call Circuit, then they would come in and observe my son and do their own testing and make a better plan,they only come in if the first plan doesn't work.She also said that she didn't know why the sped supervisor called my sons file a due process file,as that's not the formal name for it,but when I asked the pti,she said,that's what its called nation wide.I am going to get a hold of the pti today,and call over to the developmental center..just would like to have something in place for his behavior when school starts,but it may be a good month after school starts before the testing even starts.
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    Recieved a call from developmental center,looks like he will be in school at least 2 months before,he can be tested for Autism. The Disability Rights Center said I need to ask for a referral for testing.
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    Maybe it's like that in your state. In our state, they have to consider any outside testing. I don't trust whoever called you. I'd still be looking for an advocate.

    Schools don't usually have any clue how to test for autism.
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    I agree,I didn't like one of the testers way back when,and basically the school system goes along with-each other...I don't know.PTI hasn't gotten back w /me on any of this,yet she says,I'm making a big deal over nothing....no advocates here
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    Did you contact your STATE ministry of education (or whatever term you use there... the branch of government that oversees education)? Usually THEY can tell you how to access advocates etc., what processes to use, and so on. Schools have a vested interest in you NOT knowing.
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    I am,I'll let you know.