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    Hi all my son was discharged from the psychiatric unit today! I picked him up, got him something to eat, got his medications filled and took him back to the sober house. The big news is he had agreed to do a partial hospitalization program at the hospital and hopefully from there do an outpatient program that will do some intensive work on his issues. This is all his decision, one I completely support, but a decision I really had no part in... except for telling him we would provide transportation so that lack of transportation would not be a reason not to do it. This is definitely going to be inconvenient for me but if he really goes and does it is SO worth it to me. Plus I will get to see him everyday. :)

    My worry of course is he won't keep it up and that he will quit or tell me it is bs after a couple of days... of course I have been thinking he would do that all week and he didn't. I do think at this point he really wants help.

    He has a court date tomorrow for his last arrest... we have a letter from the hospital so that he doesn' tneed to be there but of course I need to go and his lawyer will be there.

    So I am still hopeful.

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    TL -
    I'd be in your shoes... with the transportation etc.
    You're doing a good job!
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    I'm thrilled that you have reason to be optimistic. I still have my fingers crossed that he is choosing a positive course for his life. Hugs. DDD
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    Sounds very positive so far. Good reason to be cautiously OPTIMISTIC. I'll keep fingers crossed it all continues on this path.
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    I'm really excited for you! Great news. I can imagine how easy it easy to anticipate failure but hopefully you'll be able to just take one day at a time and live in today and hope for the best tomorrow! I would take the inconvenience of transportation in heartbeat if I knew my son was finally willing to get help!! And it's a GOOD enabling!

    Prayers and continued hope!

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    Yay! The fact that he has agreed to the treatment program is every reason to be hopeful. This is a process, as you know. They don't automatically get well, it takes time and a lot of help. I'm so glad he got another chance.

    I am really crossing my fingers for you. Good luck tomorrow.

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    Yay - I think he is finally growing up! :D
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    Hope always springs eternal for us.
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    Thanks all.. he had a good first day and did not whine or complain at all... was pretty positive actually. Which is HUGE.

    I am even more hopeful tonight.

  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Sending you peace, hope and strength........hugs and love