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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 1, 2013.

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    We have almost no kitchen storage. The apartment isn't big and the kitchen leaves much to be desired. There isn't a good place to store dish towels or dishrags. They end up getting knocked over into something or on the floor or whatever. Drives me nuts.

    I saw a post online about someone making a homemade version of a paper towel by getting terry cloth at a fabric store and sewing it into a certain size and then putting snaps on the corners so they would roll up like paper towels.

    There is a spot where I can hang two paper towel holders. I got a pack of bar mops (white dishtowels,super cheap but very durable and effective) and a pack of dishcloths at Sam's today. I am putting snaps on them and it is working very well. I am THRILLED! Esp as thank you almost threw away five dishcloths a few days ago because he knocked them over and they fell into the trash can! husband had moved them and the spot he chose was next to the trash but above it by about a foot.

    I know some of you are in smaller kitchens and others don't like the cost to the pocketbook or the environment fo paper towels. So maybe these will help spark an idea for you. I thought about using velcro, but it would get yucky fast, in my opinion. And stick to the fabric and twist the towels up into knot.
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    What a wonderful idea!

    Just to add - we have a problem with dishtowels getting greasy and not washing out all the way. When it gets bad, I grab all the dishtowels I can find, put them in a standard bucket-sized bucket (2 gallons? 3?) and add 1/4 cup borax and a small squirt (couple pumps from a dispenser) of dishsoap and hot water to the top of the rags, swish them around really well, put them in the washing machine (we have no hot water to our washer) and run a soak, rinse, then a regular wash with whatever laundry's next to load. Doing this once a week keeps them from ending up like they were Scotch-guarded. :)
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    Fortunately I have plenty of storage...........and no issues with grease staying on the towels. But both area great ideas! :)

    I might pass on yours Susie to easy child because her kitchen is teeny and very little counter space or storage. I don't know how she stands it.

    Good post!
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    I have a bunch of old dish towels and wash cloths from when husband's aunt passed away. I stuck them in a basket and they are under a table in my kitchen for when there are spills and such.