Disney World--Where to stay


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We are thinking about taking the boys to Disney. This would be their first trip. I'm trying to decided where to stay??

Any thoughts?? I know that offer Value, Moderate and Deluxe. We haven't planned a budget yet, but am trying to figure out if the extra cost in staying in a nicer place is worth it.

Anyone have hotel suggestions or thoughts?



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We loved Camp Wilderness. We stayed in one of the "cabins". It is nice because you aren't sharing a wall with anyone so unless the difficult children get way loud you don't have to worry as much.

I would buy the "unofficial guide to disney" --make sure to get this year's edition. It is amazing the tricks they have ammassed! It really helped us all enjoy our trip.

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The value hotels the "All Stars" are great for kids. They are geared for kids, the grounds are fun, playgrounds, giant pools and game rooms. For the actual amount of time that you will stay in the room which are nice too, not fancy but nice for the money. But for the amount of time your there its not worth paying for a fancy room.

Check them out on the Disney site. It may take a bit longer to get to the parks by the shuttle but only by minutes and they are closer to the water parks.



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When husband and I went to Orlando right after Christmas, I got the room on Hotwire.com. It was the Lake Buena Vista Palace right across from the Disney Village and the room was only $89 a night. It had two queen beds and a 40 inch plasma tv and was a 3.5 star hotel.

The only thing about Hotwire is that you get to pick the star rating and area (I used Lake Buena Vista) and you only find out which hotel you got after you book the room. It is also non-refundable.

I have used Hotwire a lot and gotten great deals. You can pretty much figure out which hotel before you buy by going to www.betterbidding.com and checking out the hotel descriptions listed state by state.

PM me if you have any questions.



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Jannie email me or pm me. I have an offer for you. That we wont be using. Its for april 22 week this year. As we own a timeshare. You live in s. maryland. I live in s. pa just over the harford co. line. We cant go this year due to Kate being in placement. I will wait to hear from you. This you wouldnt want to miss out on! I'm sure. Kathy


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Jannie, if the budget allows, we tend towards hotels on the monorail. It saves long journeys back to the hotel with cranky kids. A child care center in the hotel is a nice addition when mom and dad need a break. It's not for babies. It's set up with video games and activities that are worthy of the Disney name. We would have an afternoon or evening where they did the fun stuff and mom and dad either napped or went out to an adult dinner. Just a thought.


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I have no specific suggestion but as a lifelong Floridian I
will encourage you to check out the higher quality resorts
on the Disney properties. The cheaper hotels often end up
being more expensive and alot more stressful because of the
traffic/commute time etc. On Disney property you do not have to have a car as shuttles take you back and forth day
and night. Often there are complimentary aspects and, as
Fran mentioned, child oriented areas that give you a bit of
a break.

No matter where you go........I'm sure you'll love Florida.
Almost everyone does! DDD