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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, Feb 20, 2008.

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    My baby is growing up (10th b-day tomorrow). She's really gone thru that change this past year from little girl to tweener. She has attitude, mostly good, she's sharp as a tack, and she's really just a very cool kid.

    Who also happens to have ears the size of Antarctica. husband and I have made a conscious effort to not discuss the darker side of thank you within earshot, meaning we're usually whispering in our bedroom with the door closed. Tonight, however, my beloved husband majorly goofed on something regarding my HIPAA woes and a phone call we got (I was at a Girl Scout mtg) and I started discussing various issues in the heat of the moment. Old Big Ears was sitting on the couch, trying really hard to be invisible. I finally clued in and adjourned the rant for later.

    She pops in about 15 minutes later, asking why thank you has to ruin everything (she's rightfully concerned that my trek to look at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) #4 tomorrow will postpone her b-day celebration). Went through all the usual explanations, brain wrinkle (thank you yet again Fran), etc. It's okay to be angry with him, that's a feeling and there are no bad feelings, yada yada yada, but just as Boo has CP, thank you has this wrinkle and his inability to connect the dots is just part of that wrinkle.

    She ponders this for a moment, then pops her hip out, puts her hand on her hip, and adopts a totally teen expression as she shared:

    "When will Tyler get a clue? Can I ask him that or can I just smack him upside the head?"

    I just about died laughing. Poor kid was totally serious but I couldn't help it. I told her that if that's all it took, someone would've figured it out by now.

    It's really and truly a shame what our difficult children put their siblings thru, but I have to believe that my other kids will be far better prepared for whatever challenges come their way thru life, having survived and thrived in spite of the very different childhood they've been forced to have.
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    Can't speak from personal experience -- thank heavens I only have one. lol

    roflmbo about smacking thank you upside the head.
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    You know me - I'm willing to try anything Diva has to offer. If she needs a practice experiment I can offer wm's head. :bigsmile:

    God bless her sweet heart. Tell her happy birthday for me.

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    Bless her heart! The sibs do go through a lot! Since Linda's already offered wm's head I could offer difficult child's and she could make it a controlled experiment.:D

    Happy birthday to Diva!
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    Hey, I would have let her try the head smacking - couldn't hurt :rofl:.

    Happy Birthday to Diva :hapBday:!

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    Diva has the right attitude with dealing with a difficult child. I think girls and boys handle difficult child sibs differently.
    I also read somewhere that each successive sibling fills the places in the family that the older didn't. Clown, resposible,studious,rebellious, good little baby brother/sister etc.
    My easy child is the polar opposite of his difficult child brother, yet when difficult child isn't in the picture he can be extremely well, not difficult but demanding/needy. Just a lot of work.
    We tried to not let difficult child issues interfere with easy child's special moments. Residential Treatment Center (RTC) 4 would have to wait until diva's birthday celebration. It was a constant balancing act of who got the right attention at the right time. Sigh.
    Diva and I come from the same school of thought about a good knock upside the head. She is going to be able to handle difficult child dom when she sees it, just fine.
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    Diva ROCKS!! What a wonderful attitude, I have pondered that question about my difficult child many times.

    Tell her Happy Birthday from Auntie Susie!! I cannot believe she is heading into double-digits!!! WOW!!

    Enjoy her, she is a gem! (and a very very colorful one at that)

  8. Star*

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    The apple didn't fall far from the tree did she!!!!!

    LOVE IT - I can see her now! :angrygirl:
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    Well if you still need a couple of others to practice her fine art of fixing the problem on I have two that I would gladly send her way.

    Hope she has a wonderful birthday.