Does Cymbalta have more/worse side effects than, say, Zoloft, on teens?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. TerryJ2

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    Before sending off my difficult child to a residential treatment boarding school, we want to try an antidepressant. Right now he's taking Imiprimine at night but the psychiatrist seems to view that more in terms of bedwetting issues. Don't ask me why. I was thinking that since difficult child had such a horrid reaction a few yrs back on Zoloft (or maybe it was Prozac), that something different, but still an SSRI, like Cymbalta, might be a good idea. I have thrown out the idea of Effexor on this board, but several people said it's very bad for teens.
    I just want to have a name or two to suggest to the dr when we see him. difficult child is sooooo moody and angry, and the therapist says he is definitely suffering from depression.
    Should I have him write a ltr to the psychiatrist?

    (P.S. difficult child is shutting down when he gets homework he doesn't want to do. He just stares at the page and his ears turn red, and then he ramps up. He's been way more disrespectful and controlling lately, too.)
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    I never took it nor did any of my kids, but I've tried almost all the other antidepressants until Paxil was My experience is that one medication that works fine for somebody else can cause psychosis in another. So Zoloft could be far less upsetting than Cymbalta to the same person taking two drugs in the same class of medications. It seems to be impossible to figure out in advance which medications will work and not have side effects as opposed to others. Its' really one big experiment, sadly.
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    Cymbalta is a SNRI which is going to affect him differently (probably) than an SSRI like Prozac or Zoloft. It is worth a try. Cymbalta has gotten a lot of good reviews in adults, but as always, with kids, it will affect them differently.
  4. TerryJ2

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    Thank you. I just thought that if a lot of people replied, I might see a pattern.
    Just a thought.
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    I dont know about the medications, but you reminded me that when I was a young hot thing--kidding--- I was given imiprimine for depression and it causes you to not be able to pee as well.... my cousin was given it for a kidney issue too until it was fixed. didn't work for my depression though and I got a rash...paxil did and lexapro was the best for me... everyone is so different.
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    We went to Seroquel for that cranky, angry, mad at the world mood. (difficult child did not respond well to zoloft or prozac as it kind of activated him instead.) I just like to know what other people have tried with these kids and what people have had success with. He takes Lamictal too but I'm not convinced it's doing anything - also for the chronic crankiness.
  7. TerryJ2

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    Yes, chronic crankiness. Sigh. I just can't imagine what it's like to live inside his head.
  8. Palomina

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    I took Cymbalta for a while, for depression/anxiety (that turned out to be situational and completely normal!)... It was a few years ago, but I remember that it was HORRIBLE to get off of... I kept having these "shocks" in the back of my head and neck... when I would move my eyes or my jaw, it felt like a little cloud with a lightning bolt was hovering over my head and would zap me from time to time. It was absolutely maddening! It DID finally go away, but it took at least 4 to 5 months before it was completely gone.