Does Vonage require a certain upstream/downstream DSL speed?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, May 17, 2009.

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    I am thinking of going to the most basic "dry loop" service offered by ATT; that is, a line just for my DSL connection without a home phone. I would use Vonage for my phone, backed up by my cell.

    ATT offers several dry loop packages; would the most basic at 768 upstream and 384 downstream speed be sufficient to support Vonage use?
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    Just my opinion, but I don't think that using AT&T for internet and then using vonage makes too much sense, because AT&T will require you to retain your phone number for the DSL line. The Vonage service will then assign you a totally new number.

    If you want to keep your same phone number for your telephone service, you will have to get a different DSL provider.

    Also, I am wondering if you have your speeds reversed? Usually the download number is larger than the upload--768 kps is the fastest upload speed (in my area, at least).

    Good luck!

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    When and if you figure the whole thing out, will you please post? I have been trying to decide what to do with our phone (monopoly) situation for a while, and I can't get enough info out of vonage or anyone else to make it work for us, either. We have a Verizon line, period, and that's what they offer in our area. I don't know why they even offer other things like Qwest, etc., in the mail.
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    ATT offers what's called a dry loop service, that is a DSL connection without accompnaying phone service. They offer this at 4 different speeds.

    According to Vonage I can port the phone number I already have over to their service, so that I will have the same number - which is what I want . . . . I think switching phone numbers would be too confusing(esp for my Dad, who is 90 yrs old). But actually, I think everyone would understand if our phone number changes, due to budget constraints - even Dad:)

    If Vonage can be supported by the lowest speed, I will be saving a nice chunk of change using ATT for DSL internet and Vonage for my phone. I would be saving some, but not a lot - if I go with a faster speed.

    You are absolutely correct; I had my download and upload speeds reversed. Downstream is quicker.

    Witz, I will let you know what I go with. I've been researching this over the past few weeks in an attempt to trim costs where I can.....even tho I work, my husband is dealing with a permanent disability condition and his income has been drastically reduced. I am doing what I can to maximize what we have to work with.
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    I know NOTHING about speeds or anything, but we did have Vonage for a while. It was a few years ago so I don't remember it all that much because we've primarily used our cell phones for many years. I do know that the connections tended to be terrible, people told me they couldn't hear me (or got an echo) and we just decided it was a waste.

    Check out "Vonage: Consumer Complaints" before you hook up with it. Then you can decide if it's for you.
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    I had never heard of "dry loop" sounds like a good in-expensive alternative.

    My only experience with Vonage is through friends/neighbors. One subscribed to Vonage, was told she could port her number from Verizon and still use Verizon as their DSL provider. Wrong!! When Vonage could not port the number (due to it being "attached" to the DSL)--Vonage automatically assigned her a new phone number instead. It was a mess she couldn't straighten out--so she dumped Vonage within a few weeks.

    Another neighbor had Vonage. LOVED it. No complaints....until a major storm knocked out power in our area for several days. As soon as their cell phones died--they were knocking on our door each time they had to make a call. Thank goodness they did not have any kind of emergency during that time!

    I like the idea of saving money, but I worry about the limitations of internet-based telephone we are keeping our land line until all the issues are figured out.

    Good luck! Let us know how it works out...