Dogs & bad weather????

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by 4sumrzn, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. 4sumrzn

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    Does anyone have issues with their pups during bad weather???? I've had dogs all my life & last night was the 1st time I've experienced this. I've even been through a tornado close by & my animals never freaked like this. We had extreme high winds last night. About 20 minutes into dogs FREAKED, started whining, pacing & wanted out the back door. I let them out...the old lady mut just stood there for a few & turned around to come back in. The younger Border Collie took off, tail between his legs & circled the yard a bit....then didn't want to come back in. He looked like he was scared to death. I got him back in & the power went off. They freaked more, wanted back out again...did the same thing. I had to wake up husband to go out there & get the boy. He came back in, I sat on the couch with a couple of candles, he panted, was shaking & even started climbing up on the back of the couch (he's WAY too big for that). What the heck??? Our neighbor had a Border Collie that would hide behind the toilet during thunderstorms or jump the fence & run during bad weather.....that's as close as I've come to seeing dogs behave like that. Anyone else deal with that?????:cool_dog:
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    Dogs hearing is very sensitive to high frequencies, even hearing sounds we can't hear in the human hearing range. I'll guess they were responding to frequencies in the wind or sound vibrations set up with the wind and the house.

    I've been through plenty of storms with high winds before but the stuff that came through here last night was just strange. My house was making noises I'd never heard before.
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    My older dog has a 6th sense about impending storms. She starts pacing and panting HOURS before anything is happening. In fact, I trust her more than the weatherpersons on tv!!! She's never wrong.
  4. Suz

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    Oh My, yes! I've always had at least two dogs and I've always had at least one of them terrified of bad weather. Right now it's sweet Miss Molly. I even have to give her tranquilizers when thunderstorms are on the horizon because she tells me they are coming 30 minutes before they arrive. Poor honey really stresses. I've heard so many explanations........hearing is certainly one. Also, the static electricity in the air changes so much when storms are coming that I've read rubbing them with a dryer sheet is supposed to help. (tried it, didn't help)

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    My little Abby hates thunder. She shakes all over and has to be close to one of us when it starts.

    However, loud fireworks don't bother her at all.

    Strange, huh?

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    We had a horrific wind storm yesterday in was freak, since it was not accompanied with rain or thunder, but just 60mph winds. There were fires and many power outages - maybe the same weather system you experienced.
    My dogs flipped their little minds over this. They were just frantic about the wind - even though they were inside. We had to leave for a bit, and they dogs tore the house apart in their worry and tizzy.
    I had never experienced this either - but obviously wind is a
    huge primal sensory trigger. I felt so badly for them.
  7. Hound dog

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    Dogs senses are far more acute than ours, that goes without saying.

    If yours have never done this before, maybe those high winds ect we far worse than you know.

    My dogs aren't normally the least bit unnerved by storms. So when they show anxiety or outright fear during one I head for cover. I don't wait for sirens.

    Molly didn't get anxious last night. But when the wind was slamming the sleet against the windows (literally) she did sit up and take notice. Sort of took her guard mode til the storm went thru.