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    What are the consequences for negative behavior at school for a child who has adhd, oppositional defiant disorder and depression and low self esteem? What should be the consequence for not staying on task? forgetting materials? being disrespectful towards teachers? Please offer suggestions. School is not helping me much. They say he has to be punished for these violations. I feel it is wrong to punish for something that is because of his disability but don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help me here. You won't step on my toes by giving me your opinion. If he needs intense therapy to learn social, problem solving, and anger management skills how do I get them to provide these skills?
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    Ask the school what the goal is. If the goal is to teach him appropriate behavior then he needs discipline, not punitive measures. Is he on a point chart? Some kids really respond to the token economies with their immediate positive and negative feedback. It sounds like your son needs a Functional Behavior Analysis done. The FBA should identify TWO areas that need to be worked on first. All other behavior should be ignored for now.

    Most schools will want to address anything that disrupts the other students and staff first (disrespect, outbursts, etc). Not staying on task? As long as he is not bothering others, the consequence is having homework or a lower grade, same with forgetting materials. Or if he is forgetting the materials due to his ADHD, have a set at home and another at school so he doesn't need to worry about bring the stuff back and forth.

    What are his current social work goals?