dont know whether to hug him or hit him PHOTOS!!

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D called me yesterday in work from his lunch break at work (he is making sandwhich's at a sub place) he says "Ma Ma I just found a kitten in the back of the store, they said it's been here about a week, Oh Ma it's so small and it's crying Oh and Ma it looks just like Sasha" Now, Sasha is my cat who died last February at 18 years old. How do you spell Manipulation?

So he says I am trying to feed it some tuna from the store, its scared and the wind is knocking him over its so small. Now I can hear through the phone the crying of this cat. OK OK so I feel bad and tell him that we will take the kitten out of the cold and feed it then put up signs to find its owner, all I can picture is some 5 year old little girl missing her kitty. I go on to say if no one claims it we will take it to a no kill shelter. From work sitting at my desk I am taking a stand against this kitty. I am tough.
He calls his friend to come scoop up the kitty while he finishs work. husband takes some cat food home from his Moms for the kitty. I come home and take a look at this wild animal. Done, hooked, I am not tough, I cant take my eyes off this baby. husband is saying NO WAY. I agree but it's so darn cute.

Here's the thing, I am so warmed by watching D with this kitty, so gentle, taking care of it, he know's just what to do, I love to see that he is still that little 10 year old who would cry when an elderly person was forced to run across the street for the jerks who were in a hurry driving to nowhere.

I reminded him that vet bills are expensive and its going to poop, which he gags at. food is costly, litter etc. I also told him that we are still getting over losing Sasha and that we are not ready to have another pet.

I dont know why I just spilled all that stuff when I really just wanted to share how sweet he is being with this kitty.



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Ahhhhh Grace....face it, you just added a new member to the family!

I am the same way, a sucker for all little creatures. Actually I think I am the one with the sign on the door that reads "Home for wayward Beings" because it seems everyone ends up living here at some point or other. Fran used to joke that my house was the Motel 6 because I was always offering to have people come live with me.

I think its good that D still has a tender heart for animals. He cant be all bad.

So what ya gonna name it? LOL.


Hi Grace,
good thing I don't live near you--I am ready to take the kitten and I already have 2 older cats so they wouldn't be very happy about that! Sounds to me like you have a new fuzzball--


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dammit Janet</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Ahhhhh Grace....face it, you just added a new member to the family! </div></div>

Janet! LOL :rofl:


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My difficult child is a huge sucker for animals. I agree, you just added a new member to your family.


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Hi Grace. Can't be all bad. Even in the worst periods of acting out, my son still has a soft spot for our pet dog. There are times when he'll walk in, not say a word to me or wife, but will walk right up to the dog, sit down, and snuggle. And when he does, he is truly content in a way that I haven't seen since he was a small child.

In some way, that gives me hope. Hope that whatever drives my son to be a difficult child and not "care" about us isn't his general outlook on life. If he has room in his heart for our dog, and if he has room in his heart for his easy child girlfriend, then maybe one day we'll work things out and there'll be room in his heart for his parents again as well.

Just not right now.

So, I would look at the kitty as a way to keep your difficult child connected to those feelings you want to reinforce: love, compassion, concern, empathy, etc. You could also use it to teach responsibility, etc.., but I don't know if doing that would cause your difficult child to act out or cancel the positive effect of a new kitty.

And maybe, this would be good for you as well. I've lost several favorite pets in the past, and I know they cannot be replaced. But there's a need in me to express love. So, even though I miss my old companion, I always manage to find a way to make room in my heart for a new furbaby. It works out (for me, anyway).

Just a thought.

As an aside, there is a whole discipline built around "pet therapy", where animals are used to help reach people who otherwise can't be reached; whether it's emotional issues, psychiatric issues, or even hardened criminals, somehow pet therapy finds a way to reach them all.


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Janet's right. That lil kitty just caught your heart hook, line, and sinker. :rofl:

I can laugh cuz that's how I wound up with our cat Shadow. Here's the kicker, I've never even liked cats. :faint:

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">"Home for wayward Beings" </div></div>

Janet we need that sign too. Lord knows N has brought home every homeless critter within a 5 miles radius of the house. Now my cats bring them here. We have Momma Coon who neatly picks through the trash every morning to see what I left for her. And N and I got blubbery to discover that the possum that visited us regularly got hit by a car one street over. (we wondered why he stopped showing up)

N is in for big trouble I think with Aubrey. It makes her whole day to be around any sort of animal, just like it always did her Mommy. I told N she is not allowed to ever tell Aubrey "no" when it comes to strays. What goes around, comes around. :rofl:


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I too lost my dear sweet cat misty at age 17 two yrs ago. I STILL miss her. I was not a cat person so to speak but she won my heart and stood by me silently thru many a crisis here. If she could talk!!

keep the kitty.



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Awwwwwwww Grace, Just give it up already Lol!! I have two elderly kitties being about 13 years old and I too said NEVER!!!! I don't want another kitty ever. Well yea like that lasted. My difficult child a couple months ago rescued a lil Siamese kitten at the ranch This lil thing must have only been about 4 weeks old. You already know the rest. Well She has become part of our lil zoo. Shes a cutey and I suppose she blends in with our new carpet well. Lol!!!


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I love kittens and I like cats even more! Looks like you'vr been "chosen". I could barely wait six weeks to get my new kitten. I still miss my precious Effie but my little kitten takes the edge off. -RM


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Grace, I too am a sucker to see my difficult child love his dog.

When he called to come home I got the long story of how he saved this dog from her owners. My difficult child, that wanted to come home because he was hungry and cold, was "saving" this dog.
I said no, but when we went to pick him up and saw the "pit bull" leap to love him with every part of herself I changed my mind.

husband had a fit, but I said he needed something to love that was his.

He really does love this dog!!! and she really does love him!!
I get to witness my difficult child taking great care with her and it warms my heart.

So, I guess you do have a new family member, enjoy her and enjoy watching your difficult child love her

saving grace

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Alright Alright... I will admit, she/he is so darn cute, and fresh. We put up a barricade to keep her in the room downstairs, D says no way will she get over that. Everytime I go down to check on her she is not in the room, she is on the other side of the basement on D's bed. At first I couldnt figure out how the heck she was doing or if D was forgetting to put up the baricade but soon figured out she is leaping the wall!

We havent named it, We havent put up signs yet, but yes I think we have a new member of the family. We have to see how the dog does with her, he is old and skittish and I dont want to upset him and make him feel ousted while the poor thing only has a few more years himself.

I am going to take a picture to send to my Mom, I will post it here for you all to see.

Thanks guys, I knew I would cave in and you all gave me permission to do it.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I knew I would cave in and you all gave me permission to do it. </div></div>

:bravo: :smile: :bravo:

Congratulations, Grace!
Suz :princess:


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Maybe that's exactly what your family needed....a new member!
I'm happy that you're happy. I don't care for cats but the picture
is cute! DDD