Dr. Kimball - the FUGITIVE - surrendered.

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Remember the little dog (Pooties male twin) that I have written about over the years? The poor little fella chained outside, no straw in his shabbily built box, just enough shade to call it humane and buckets of food and water just out of reach if he should happen to wrap himself around the stake that holds that chain?

    Well he got off the chain - and he'd been running. We put food and water out for him and had decided that if we did catch him? We weren't going to return him. He was caught by his owner, chained back to the box and the last 2 weeks I've never seen an animal SO depressed in my life. Won't come out of his box, won't even make an attempt to move his head if you make smoochie noise. Nothing - just laid there waiting for death.

    Last night the mans grandson was at our house riding Dudes 4 wheeler. And before I knew what my heart had spoken my mouth blurted out _"SO do you think your Grandpa would let me have that spotted dog?"
    And the boy said without hesitation "YES I know he would. He's been wanting to SELL him but no one offered any money." OMG you would die if you saw this waif of a creature.

    The boy left and returned moments later with the dog we've been calling Dr. Kimball - the fugitive (on the run - lol) and I have never EVER seen a smellier, dirtier, skinnier, scared, flea ridden, tic having, open wound, completely red raw rearended, bone countable pup in my life. And he's such a poor soul. He's never played, he has no clue. He's never gotten a biscuit, or a bacon treat or chew sticks. I had to practically beg him to take hamburger out of my hand.

    So Dr. Kimball and I retired to the bathroom and I scrubbed and rinsed, and scrubbed and rinsed to the point of him having spots! He is white NOT gray dapple - White - JUST LIKE POOTIE. We got out of the bath, got the tics off him, got some Kaopectate in him because of that raw hind end and the horrid gas from eating only scraps - no kibble. I'm sure he has worms, but you can count EVERY single vertebrae in his back, see his hip bones and all his ribs. His poor little belly drew up when touched.

    After the bath? He got a blow dry and just laid there submissive like he did in the tub - (after the initial OH NO YOU DO NOT STAY HERE IN THE TUB). Then after drying we went out the door and he shivered and shook like he was saying "OH GOD I KNEW IT BACK TO THE COLD." His surprise was shown in his eyes when we set up the gigantic crate complete with blanket of his own, food, water and snacks - eventually we got his trust enough for him to go in and out and that's where he spent the night - not cold, not shivering and me and DF not wondering if we'd wake up and drive by the neighbors house and see a dead dog.

    Pootie thinks he's neat - she is quite the little Ambassador. He's boxer and Dalmation mix near as I can tell. They called him a pitbull - but not.

    So if anyone is looking for a great dog - we'll be working with him and getting him shots and hopefully neutered - tending to his wounds (think he got hit by a car or kicked and beaten) and no - we're not calling the ASPCA - they don't do anything - they didn't even make this man put straw in the box - WE went and bought it remember? Ugh.

    But for now - Dr. Kimball has been captured, and found innocent and lovely hearted.
  2. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    What a great story. I hope he continues to recover with your great care.
  3. janebrain

    janebrain New Member

    Aw, Star, you are the kindest person I know. Thanks for taking him in, sounds like he needs you desperately.
  4. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I am so glad the man let you have this poor abused baby. No one should let an animal get into that condition!!!

    you are a very special person, and I bet Dr. Kimball is in for a LOT of surprises in his new life. GOOD ones.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    There's a special place in heaven for people like you, Star. :angel2:
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    There's a special place in heaven for animals that had to endure the life he's had. I spent the better 1/2 of his first night in the house telling him that NOT ALL humans are boatholes. - I'm just doing what any of us or anyone outside of us with 1/2 a heart would do.

    I tried to get a picture of him - but I only took one and will see if I can post before and after sometime later. For now - he just needs to know how to be part of a pack and with Pootie teaching him how to be a dog? OMG that won't take any time at all - she's the most lovely, little, and patient girl.
  7. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Star, that's wonderful! What a fantastic story!!!!
    Dogs are so great. They are so forgiving and loving and adaptable. I wish I were more like a dog. In fact, I wish my difficult child were more like a dog.
    A dalmation-boxer mix is wonderful. They both have wonderful traits.
  8. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Choke choke choke
    I am just so sickened by neighbor and people.
    I felt guilty about putting up a little block for the girls outside, because 3 little birds nest under our porch. I checked that very night to make sure they could still fly under and to their safe spot. They could!

    I love you soft heart Star*. I wish I could have a dog. I tear up just thinking about dogs.
    Welcome to the club Mr. Kimball.
  9. goldenguru

    goldenguru Active Member

    Oh Star - you truly are my hero. I have such a soft heart for animals. Your story is so beautiful God bless you - you are a kind soul!

    Sending you my admiration!
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star, I'm so glad you have Mr. kimball. I have 2 down the alley in the same condition and can't get anyone to do anything about it. Glad you came to his rescue, no dog deserves that type of neglect and treatment. I hope you can find him a wonderful loving home where he'll be spoiled outta his mind, once you get him into tip top doggie shape. :D

    Speaking of which........Saw a stray baby girl wandering the alley day or 2 ago. And while she wasn't teeny, she was obviously still a pup. Coon hound mix of some sort. Pretty and much too thin and scared outta her mind. Couldn't get her to come to me so I could check for tags......So I left dishes of water and food out for her. Wrenched my heart to see her. I've been keeping an eye out for her. But haven't seen her again....hoping that means her owners found her.

    Give Mr. Kimball extra treats and some gentle hugs from me. Poor baby.

  11. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Oh man.......I am misty eyed. What a story.
    Mr Kimball, you are a lucky fella.
    Dogs, well, what can you say? The world would be a better place if we were all dogs? Dogs would never do to their pack what Mr Kimball's owner did to him. There is just something so inherently wrong with animal abuse, and yet some people's evolved (or lack thereof) mind rationalizes it away.

    So many hugs........Star* And I still am so happy that Pootie was found, you have no idea.
  12. flutterbee

    flutterbee Guest

    Welcome to your new life, Dr. Kimball. May it always be filled with belly rubs, good kibble, chew toys, playmates, and a nice warm bed.
  13. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    You're my hero Star!!!!! :bow:

    And, I think someone else here has a few words for you:

    Auntie Star!!!

    Fank you sooooooooo mush for reskuing dat pup!!! Befor I cames to wive wif Mommy and Daddy I was kinda like puppy Kimball onlee I didn't haf a red beehind and I gots to stay inside. But I didn't no how to pways much an I pooped in da house cause no one tauts me diffrent an I didn't get fed rea...reeg....all da times. You and Unkel DF are da best hoomans an I hopes I getz to sees you sum day so I can give you Cloe kisses!



    :cool_dog: (hehehe....kinda wooks wike me!)
  14. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Oh Star,
    You are wonderful! Dr. Kimball is so lucky to have you in his life! You so rock!
  15. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Star, you're MY hero too! Dr. Kimball is one lucky boy!

    And I'll bet that you and DF slept well that night knowing that he was safe and warm and clean and well-fed! It was probably the most comfortable night the poor little guy has ever spent!

    It's almost funny in a way ... you mean that after all you went through, tracking him down, worrying about him, leaving food, etc. ... and then all you had to do is ask and the neighbor just GAVE him to you? ;)
  16. janebrain

    janebrain New Member

    Hi Star,
    any updates? how is Dr. Kimball doing today?
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Donna - I lol'd because DF and I said the exact same thing about "asking". We both had many nights after it got so cold that we were up because we were in a nice warm house and our furkids are in a nice warm house and there is that poor guy, laying back there in a box. Broke our hearts. (lesson learned) next time ask first and don't fret.

    Update on "doctor"

    Desitin is a wonderful ointment. I'm happy to report that doctor's hiney isn't shiney. We've beefed up his menu a bit. When presented with Science Diet canned? His eyes looked up as if to say "What IS this MANA from heaven?" It sickens me to see his bones, but he's not shivering and shaking nearly as much. Still very timid. He still is very content just to sit in the XXlarge cage with the door open and watch the family. Hasn't ventured out on his own yet. He sleeps a LOT. I don't know why. Pootie during play time, was in the yard, and ran up to the porch and dropped a ball rolled it with her nose towards him for him to come play. It was a precious thing. Her heart is huge. Dogs know. Even my big Am. Bull has accepted him, but playtime at our house is HUGE and overwhelming to a dog who is just learning English.

    He doesn't freak out now when you take him out for the 6:30 pp. He knows he's not staying out in the frosty grass, is getting his wounds tended to, 2 hots and a cot...plus company and companionship. When he gets a little more secure in his surroundings we'll be working with him in obedience. I'm told he's a runner. I laughed thinking to myself "Yes we called your dog Dr. Kimball, the fugitive." - Heck I would have run too.

    I wish you could see how Pootie "works it" to entice him to play. All down in the front and butt in the air, just gentle boof boof noises. She was a little less enthusiastic this morning - I think doctor appreciated the toned down morning person routine. lol.

    Thanks for asking -
  18. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Star, has he been to the vet yet? He could be anemic, or have heartworms. Both will slow him down.
    Good luck!
    He's got a great foster mom and dad!!!!!! Happy hugs!!!
  19. 'Chelle

    'Chelle Active Member

    doctor's OLD situation just makes me cry, and very happy that you've got him and giving him something better. He's probably still sitting in the crate waiting for the other shoe to drop and something bad to happen, so it'll take time to trust that this better life is real. LOL the canned food - we give our dog a can of food occasionally as a treat dinner as she usually has dried, and I know she sees it as the most wonderful food ever, and this is a dog who's never missed a meal (or two when she steals the cats' food LOL) So I can imagine doctor's face as he's seeing it as ambrosia.
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    We're trying to get him in with our vet. Our kids are all on preventative - and even though that doesn't cover 100%....it's a safeguard.

    DF called and said apparently even 1/2 a can of food was too rich for doctor. I'm not squeemish but just glad THIS TIME it isn't ME cleaning up a mess. :sick: Poor fella.