drat and darn, the sun is not even down yet BUT

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    while it has been quiet thru the daytime today, I just heard them starting up again with the home fireworks. Drat, and along with those, comes all neighborhood dogs barking their heads off.....

    easy child just got into a nice lavender bath, after resting since she got home from work, and recovering enough to take a bath-----so she could hopefully get better rest tonite....
    I do NOT want to have to clean yard and patio and driveway again tomorrow like I had to today. Other things I need my energy and time for. ANd I for sure do not want to have to cope another whole nite and all of tomorrow with husband if this goes on like it did last nite. :-(

    I am already miffed the partiers messed things up so I did not get to go to my preferred festivities today.....
    Gosh, I love 4th of July and parades and fireworks and being outside etc....but this just does not seem at all fair to me with all these people here doing this. we live on a quiet residential street far from town center, away from the businesses etc.....darn it.
  2. Andy

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    Dreamer, This is affecting your family's health. You can call the police and report a loud party next door or down the street. Are they the same people who damaged your property last night? Tell the authorities how this is harmful to your family's health and what happened last night - that you do not want to go through that again - That is beyond dangerous - If one of you were outside at the time, you would have had a serious injury - not right!

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I know the police may not respond, however, if all the dog owners will also call and they get enough complaints, they will respond.
  3. Andy

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    Just read your reply in the other thread - ignore this reply.
  4. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    :) nah, I read it before - while you were reading my other reply, probably.LOL.....
    How could you know it was so many? LOL. You were trying to be helpful, and I appreciate that. Thank you.

    Gosh, I am haveing a little difficulty with just how upset I am about it all......I LOVE July 4th! I LOVE fireworks, LOL. and I never get crabby....<sigh>

    BUT I do not remember any time when it went on and on and on like it did this year, like it still is.....<sigh>
    "This too shall pass"
    I do resent that it stripped me of being able to have the energy etc for us to go to parade this morning and fireworks tonite, tho. we were just simply far too tired, me and the kids.
  5. Lothlorien

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    I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday morning or Friday late....it was like 2 am. There were still fireworks/bombs going off. One of my neighbors has a major fireworks show around 9 pm. It goes on for about an hour or so. It's nice, because we sitt in our driveway and enjoy it. We are talking BIG fireworks, not just the little home stuff.

    While we are watching, we could hear the entire town going off. It's amazing how much noise there is around here, where it is normally very, very quiet (except for the enormous amount of frogs).

    If you can, next year, take an Ambien before you go to bed.
  6. dreamer

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    whew! YAY! Last nite did not go on anywhere near like the nite before.

    LOL- I myself do not mind so much. I LOVE fireworks. I domind haveing to clean it up- becuz my energy is limited etc....
    What makes it such a huge problem is that my husband has combat PPTSD and the sights and sounds of the fireworks triggers him to disassociate and become psychotic, transforms him back to active combat in Nam. His physical health creates problems with many medications.....we tuck him in our basement and turn all our house lights on inside and keep all the TVs on very loud to try to block the fireworks from affecting him.
    And easy child is brand new preg...and was in ER last week for severe dehydration becuz she is haveing severe 24-7 morning sickness and cannot keep anything down, even with zofran on board, and has a hard time sleeping becuz she wakes to throw up, too......and she had finally fallen asleep- but, the fireworks woke her and she could not go back to sleep.
    My issue with home fireworks is just I worry about the danger, such as burns etc.....and the possible property damage...(only scorch marks on my patio and cars thankfully) but I was quite upset how long it went with me worrying over husband and easy child and haveing to use my energy to do such long involved clean up. Could not pinpoint whose I had to clean up cuz it was just all around everywhere all nite long on Fri-Sat.

    I am very very grateful last nite was nowhere near like the nite before. And next year? LOL- hopefully my only concern will once again be tucking husband into his coccoon in basement, which is not a problem at all, LOL. I wont even mind if it wakes baby, cuz thats not all so awful.....just easy child is very ill right now. and I am nervous about her health and the baby.