Dream Home Giveaway...


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I don't know if any of you enter this on HGTV... I have entered the past 2 years and obviously not won... but the home is beautiful... I figure it can't hurt to try... You can enter once a day, I believe until February 16th and the home is in Winter Park, Colorado.

Who couldn't use a nice little getaway... one of us????


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I entered last year in the hopes of winning second prize LOL. I cold never afford to pay the taxes on a prize like that house and car! In a soft realestate selling it could take time. I did enter this year for the first two days but then decided I really didn't want to risk it.
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I've entered every year, and they must lose my entries! I haven't won yet.

I loved the house 2 years ago the best so far, I think. It was the one on a lake.

Sigh. Someday.



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husband and I have watched the Dream Home shows for years. This one is my favorite by far. We entered last year, but then the 'reality' of the whole thing sunk in. Even if we won, we would not move to the location. We truly also could never afford the taxes, etc. I know it sounds crazy, but our state lotto has a tagline that says "Hey, You Never Know.". If we won that darn, beautiful, dream home, it would really not be a blessing, ya know? I think they're called 'dream' homes for a reason!

I would like to see a special where they go back to all of the other dream homes and tell the story of those who won them. Did they accept the prize? Did they move to the new home? Are they still living there? In the words of Dr. Phil "How's that working for ya?".

That would be a show I wouldn't miss!!!


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I have entered this contest since 2003. Haven't won yet and really never expect to. The homes are usually beautiful in very upscale places. I do think they have added a cash prize (in order for a chance to actually pay taxes and keep the house). Doesn't sound like they usually have too much trouble selling these houses, even with a hefty price tag. They have national advertising for several months and they usually have a live tour of the home with admission charges. Sounds like the winners generally take some items, the vehicle, then put the house up for sale. They do have past winners on the dreamhome website, but think only a few have actually moved to the home and stayed. The fun part is the dreaming.....


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You're right - the fun part is the dreaming. husband tells me that I am 'too logical'. Jeesh - one of us has to be!

Years ago, our sorority advisor, who was a great, older but still pretty hip college professor, told me that I didn't have a 'romantic bone in my body', so I guess I have always been that way!! by the way, he did not mean it to be a compliment.

Maybe my New Year's Resolution should have been to lighten up and dream more, huh?
I have tried to win the dream home every year for the past three years - but with full knowledge that I would never really be able to live there. They DO give a hefty cash prize with the home - but it probably doesn't go far for the taxes and the upkeep of such a house.

There is info on the website about past winners and what they have done with the houses. I'm pretty sure that NONE of the winners still own the houses. And the currents owners are still having to deal with lookers driving by - even up the driveways - to see the house.

I would love to see all that money go into several small developement of affordably priced houses that would go to 100s of winners that really deserved any kind of house. I am so sick of these mega-mansions being built everywhere and us "poor" working slobs getting priced out of the suburbs.

But it would be fun to own the house for a minute - wouldn't it??



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Yes, it would be fun to see how the 'other half lives', if only for one heck of a party-filled long weekend!

See, I can dream!!!